The Bachelorette season 16, episode 3 recap: Clare’s mind is always thinking of Dale


This week’s episode of The Bachelorette was all about Dale. Group dates were cut short, and solo conversations revolved around Dale, which left everyone but, well, Dale, upset.

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette started back at the cocktail party from last week. But before Clare handed out the roses, Yosef wanted to chat with her privately. He shared how he felt about her actions on his group date and what he thought of the strip dodgeball date. After sharing his thoughts on how classless he thought she was, their conversation became heated, and Clare told Yosef to leave.

After Yosef left, she was visibly upset, and Dale was the first to hug and comfort her. Their time was intimate, and she was even more head over heels with Dale after he calmed her. The cocktail party ended early, and Clare sent home Tyler S., Blake Monar, Garin, and Zach J. during the rose ceremony.

There was supposed to be a group date with Jason, Jay, Eazy, Chasen, Blake, Ed, Riley, and Dale. But after several hours of waiting, Clare told the guys she was canceling the day portion of the date and only having the cocktail party.

While the guys were waiting, Clare had a visit from DeAnna, the Season 4 Bachelorette. She gushed about Dale and shared the argument she had with Yosef. Then the group date cocktail portion of the day started. Of course, Dale was the first to take Clare away. The other guys didn’t appreciate his speech or the forced group hug.

Dale initially said he would spend five minutes with Clare. Their five minutes turned into almost an hour, and the guys were upset. Eazy went searching for them and unknowingly broke up their bedroom make out session. Then the rest of the guys were fighting each other for a few minutes of Clare’s time. The tension continued to grow when Dale took Clare away a second time after everyone had spent such a small amount of time with her.

They were interrupted again in the middle of another kiss. The guys confronted Dale and he skirted around the fact that he was with Clare a second time. Dale received the group date rose, and everyone except Dale was upset.

Zach J. was the lucky one this week because he had a solo date with Clare. They had a spa day with massages and pedicures. But Clare’s mind was on Dale, and she wanted him there instead of Zach. They had an awkward moment in the pool when Clare leaned in for a kiss, and she thought Zach pulled away. Clare was incredibly uncomfortable and didn’t meet up with Zach for dinner. Chris met up with Zach and said he would be going home.

The last group date of the week was a roast. The comedian Margaret Cho hosted the event, and the guys not on the date were the live audience. The jokes were about the other guys and not about Clare. But Clare took all the roasts about Dale personally, especially the jokes from Bennett.

The cocktail time started with Clare requesting to speak to Bennett. She only wanted to talk about the jokes about Dale, but Bennett didn’t want to spend his time with Clare talking about Dale. Then all her other conversations with the men were about Dale. No one felt like their relationship with Clare improved after the evening. They felt like they were wasting their time while Clare and Dale dated with an audience. Clare said she didn’t get what she wanted from the guys and didn’t give out the group rose.

What did the last 9 seconds have to offer? Take a look for yourself below…

Naturally, the end of the episode was a bit shocking. There was a mention of the guys walking out on Clare, and then there’s a clip of Tayshia getting out of the pool. Yes, Bachelor Nation, TAYSHIA ADAMS IS IN THE HOUSE.

It’s safe to say that the season has just now officially begun.

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