Dancing With The Stars Week 7: Kaitlyn Bristowe dances the Paso Doble


Kaitlyn Bristowe and her partner Artem Chigvintsev danced the Paso Doble for Halloween Villain night on Dancing With The Stars!

Dancing With The Stars started off the week of Halloween with a bang by celebrating the most famous movie villains of all time. The hair and makeup team outdid themselves, transforming the stars into characters from Halloween classics such as CarriePsycho, and Silence of the Lambs.

Up at the judges’ table, Derek Hough had an amazing two-face, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona going on. Carrie Ann dressed as Pennywise from IT, and Bruno rocked a Beetlejuice costume!

Kaitlyn Bristowe channels Cruella DeVille

Kaitlyn Bristowe came into this week after scoring high on a tango the week before, and was assigned one of the most terrifying (but also lovable) movie villains: Cruella DeVille! After a precious backstory intro package in which Kaitlyn’s golden retrievers, Ramen and Pinot, featured prominently, Kaitlyn and Artem hit the floor, Artem dressed as a very scared Dalmation!

The pair danced to Rihanna’s classic hit “Disturbia” in one of the many Paso Dobles of the night! The dance was super hardcore and very exciting to watch!

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s score

Despite the excitement of the dance, the judges’ comments did not fully live up to last week. The pair looked very nervous and out of breath as they waited for their critiques. Derek said Kaitlyn Bristowe is always reliable every week and said it was a great way to end the show.  Bruno praised Kaitlyn’s acting ability but said the performance felt slightly rushed.

Carrie Ann disagreed with Derek and said that Kaitlyn has tried really hard, but the lift did not go well and said that there were moments it seemed like Kaitlyn “gave up.” Kaitlyn replied that the dance was very tiring, so maybe that’s what Carrie Ann was picking up on. Kaitlyn later shared her thoughts on what Carrie Ann said.

Unfortunately, Carrie Ann gave Kaitlyn her lowest score in weeks, a 7. Derek made up for it with a 9, and Bruno split the difference with an 8!

As the votes rolled in, Jason Tartick took to Instagram to promote Kaitlyn, expressing his disbelief that the scores were so low!

Thankfully, the pair was safe from elimination, though it was a nail-biter as they were one of the last couples called. Bruno called it a “nightmare on the dance floor” as the judges were forced to choose between the bottom two couples, Monica & Val and Jeannie & Brandon. In the end, Monica & Val were sent home after a great season. They will be missed!

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Here’s hoping Kaitlyn comes back strong next week on Dancing With The Stars!

What dance do you want to see Kaitlyn do next week? Did you think the judges were too hard on her? Share in the comments below!