TikTok user spills alleged tea on one Bachelorette contestant she talked to before the season started

As we patiently await the next episode of The Bachelorette to arrive next week, some serious tea and even more serious accusations are being made on TikTok about one of the contestants on Clare Crawley‘s season. Of course, none of this is actually proven true, but this woman’s story is worth listening to.

As shared on Reddit by user battybj, a woman on TikTok named Carly Hammond shared a video of herself, revealing that she had allegedly been talking to one of the men on The Bachelorette prior to the season starting. She does not name the person explicitly, however she does say that he becomes “the villain” of the season, so we have our ideas as to who she’s referring to.

Carly starts out by using the TikTok trend of “Put a finger down if…,” and goes on to recall the alleged situation in which she was talking to a guy on this season after he DMed her on Instagram. She explains that she gave him a chance even though she found out he was set to be “the villain” on the show, and they allegedly texted, FaceTimed, and even discussed getting married and starting a family together.

Things took a turn, as Carly claims in the TikTok, then going on to explain that the guy came to visit her and they didn’t exactly hit it off. She accuses him of then sending her a sexually explicit video of himself, saying inappropriate and offensive things. If this video has truth to it, this person sexually harassed her over Snapchat.

Bachelorette tea TikTok

To check out Carly’s full video, click the link here.

So who exactly is Carly talking about in her TikTok? Considering she refers to the guy as “the villain,” most people on Reddit assume she means Yosef Aborady, who already in just two episodes has won that title. And based on previews for next week, along with Reality Steve’s reveals, we expect him to bring even more drama to the show.

At the end of the day, we don’t know if Carly’s accusations are true, and we don’t know if she’s talking about Yosef. But if this did happen to Carly, that’s absolutely not right. Sending unsolicited NSFW photos or videos to someone is never okay, and we can only hope people know that.