Top 3: The Bachelorette Season 16, episode 1 rankings

Bachelor Nation, it was a glorious evening on Tuesday night as we took our rightful places on the couch with wine in hand! The Bachelorette Season 16 has officially begun and Clare Crawley is finally starting her journey to find love. Yes, The Bachelorette is back, people! This is not a drill!

Although not on our normal day of the week, it was a triumphant return for The Bachelorette Season 16, Chris Harrison, and crew as we met the men vying for Clare’s heart. (After seeing them all quarantine and double up on COVID tests, of course.) We had unforgettable limo entrances, plenty of tears from our leading lady already, and even a little drama to round out the evening before the first rose ceremony.

But who really won the night? It’s time for our top 3 The Bachelorette Season 16 power rankings!

Dale Moss -The Bachelorette

(ABC/Craig Sjodin) DALE

#1: Dale 

Look, I know this one isn’t shocking to anyone who saw Tuesday’s episode (or who is very aware of the spoilers from this season….) BUT you can’t deny that Dale stole the freaking show. I mean did you notice how often the camera just lingered on his cute face even when he wasn’t talking??

His smooth and suave entrance literally stopped Clare in her tracks to the point that she momentarily thought she blacked out! Not to mention the fact that she flat out told Chris Harrison that she thought she just met her husband as soon as Dale sauntered away from her.

Once Chris had picked his jaw up off the driveway and Clare made her way into the cocktail party, Dale continued to take up space in our Bachelorette’s head even when she was lip-locked with other contestants. Dale snagged that coveted first impression rose and is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks.


#2: Blake Moynes

Coming in hot in second place is the man who I personally believe should have been in that top spot with the first impression rose. It’s the Wildlife Manager not to be confused with the other Blake M., Blake Moynes.

Clare, my man literally made you cry with his adorable sliding into your DM’s to check on you during quarantine and then you reward him with the first kiss only to snatch that rose right out from under him and give it to Dale?! Seriously?? Justice for Blake is all I’m saying.

Luckily, he did get the first rose at the ceremony so I suppose it’s safe to say he is also up there in the rankings of Clare’s heart and we will get more Blake as the season progresses.


#3: Yosef

Rounding out our top three this week is a controversial pick who TBH I had hoped would have been kicked to the curb and already sent home. Single Daddy Slidin in the DM’s Yosef has snagged the number three spot in our rankings despite the aforementioned semi-shady behavior that he definitely did not confirm or deny right to Clare’s face.

Yosef and Clare hit it off right away and despite Tyler C.’s best efforts at making Yosef our first villain of the season, Clare said “boy, bye” to Tyler and not to the man she had a quality conversation with earlier in the evening. I’m still not convinced Yosef isn’t a producer pick to stir the pot and bring the drama, but he’s hung on for another week and another shot at finding love.

This season looks to be one of the most dramatic ever so tune in next week and see where your favorite men land on the rankings!

What were your rankings for The Bachelorette Season 16 premiere? Tell us in the comments below!