Dancing With The Stars Week 5: Kaitlyn Bristowe dances the Tango


Kaitlyn Bristowe and her partner Artem Chigvintsev tangoed their way through 80s night this week on Dancing With The Stars!

It was 80s night this week on Dancing With The Stars!  We had aerobic gear, big hair, and a virtual appearance by New Kids on the Block! We also had many tangos, most notably a tango from Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev. The judges said last week they wanted to see a different side of Kaitlyn, and we definitely got that this week!

Kaitlyn came into this week strong, flying high from her first 9 of the season last week. She was born in 1985, so Kaitlyn was understandably excited about revisiting the decade! We took a look back at Kaitlyn’s childhood in Canada, including an amazing picture of her dad’s 80s mustache. Haley Bristowe, who we all remember from her appearance on Kaitlyn’s season recorded a special message for the audience to give us even more insight into the former Bachelorette’s performer personality!

She and Artem danced to the song “I Think We’re Alone Now,” which was quite confusing at first since that is definitely a 60s song. It was covered in the 80s, though, so we can roll with it! Kaitlyn sported adorable pigtails and glasses and rocked some hardcore bangs. The tango was adorable, whimsical, and included some intense breakdancing!

Carrie Ann gave Kaitlyn Bristowe a great compliment, saying “in frame, you are far superior to anyone else’s frame” compared to all the other tangos of the night. Derek loved the choreography and the props and complimented Kaitlyn’s sharpness in the dance. Bruno was overcome with excitement and called it an “action-packed 80s blockbuster!”

Artem even revealed that Kaitlyn had taught him a breakdancing step that she learned fifteen years ago!

Kaitlyn and Artem earned their highest score yet, receiving three 9’s from the judges for a combined score of 27 out of 30! The pair ended the night in second place on the leaderboard, behind Johnny Weir. Unfortunately, someone had to be sent home, and that someone this week was heartthrob Jesse Metcalfe. As a faithful voter of his, I was sad to see him go!

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Tune in next week to see Kaitlyn Bristowe rock another dance, as well as a live performance from judge Derek Hough!

Which dance do you want to see Kaitlyn do next week? Share in the comments below!