The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are friends without benefits

Despite romance rumors, The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are working on just being friends — and no, not the kind with benefits.

During season 15 of The Bachelorettemany thought it would be Tyler Cameron’s proposal Hannah Brown would accept; however, those hopes were quickly dashed when she instead chose to accept Jed Wyatt’s proposal — an engagement she would later break off.

While Hannah and Tyler didn’t part on the best of terms, the two found themselves drawn back to one another earlier this year. After sparking back up a conversation, the two ended up spending quite a lot of time with one another as part of a “Quarantine Crew” and it was their sudden reunion which was responsible for sparking more than a few romance rumors.

However, the truth is that Hannah and Tyler are still working through the pain of their past in focusing on “trying to be cool being friends.”

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron working through pain of their past

Coming together for a new video on Hannah’s official YouTube channel titled, “What Really Happened,” Hannah and Tyler spill the tea on their current relationship status with some background on the unlikely circumstances that brought them back together.

“We were kind of leaning on each other,” Tyler recollected of how the two came together following the death of his mom and Hannah’s younger brother’s overdose, which Hannah revealed he’s since recovered from with a stint in rehab. “We were both going through things, and were kind of like each other’s support system all of a sudden. You of course have your family there, but it’s always nice to have someone to lean on as well.”

Looking to support Tyler at his mom’s funeral, Hannah made her way out to Florida where she’d end up spending more time than expected with her ex. What they initially thought would be a short stay, spiraled into a longer stay due to the coronavirus pandemic which put the two in quite the interesting predicament.

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While it was fun at first and the two enjoyed passing time in making TikToks and whatnot, tensions mounted due in part to Hannah’s desire to revisit the past — something Tyler didn’t have interest in.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron’s friendship is a work in progress

Eventually, Hannah made her way back home to get away from the intense situation and the pair admit they didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. “By that time I was so—like I wasn’t very nice that day. You were definitely not nice that day,” she recalled of the day she decided to finally leave town.

The pair aren’t ashamed to admit they’re still working on their friendship, but that’s all they’re focused on at the moment.

“I was in a hurt place, you were in a hurt place, we have a tough past. We’ve gone through a lot together and this was our first time really hanging out. I just wanted to work on it being a friendship,” Tyler confessed in the video. “We care about each other, we’re there for each other. I’m super stoked with where we’re at right now.”

In fact, rebuilding their friendship was the only thing on their minds during the few weeks they spent together as well.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron never kissed while quarantining together

While it was easy to see the two having fun on TikTok assume there was more to the story than just a budding friendship, the truth is that nothing happened at all romantically while they quarantined together.

As the pair confess in the video, despite spending 18 days together in the same bed, they never once kissed!

“Everyone thought that we were in love,” Hannah noted to which the pair collectively added “18 days in bed together. Never kissed.”

Although things could always change in the future, for now, the pair are simply working on being friends — benefits not included.

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