The Bachelor Season 18: Where are Juan Pablo’s contestants now?

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Sharleen Joynt

The Bachelor Season 18 gave us an opera singer in the form of Sharleen Joynt. You can’t really forget a contestant like that now, can you? Especially since she decided to leave Juan Pablo’s season after determining that they didn’t have a “mental connection”.

It looks like it was for the best as she is now happily married to her husband, Andy Levine. And don’t worry, she’s still doing opera, and while the pandemic has canceled all her shows, she’s still working on all sorts of collaborations over Zoom.

There are plenty more contestants from Juan Pablo’s season we didn’t cover here, but if we missed any of your favorites, share yours in the comments below!

The Bachelor Season 18 gave us some of the best Bachelor Nation contestants, didn’t it? 

Who were your favorite contestants from Juan Pablo’s season? Tell us in the comments below! 

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