The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 Juan Pablo Galavis moments we did not see

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Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell’s silent sit down

Oh, my gosh. I cannot believe the show didn’t revisit the Clare and Nikki drama. I can only assume it’s because it doesn’t portray current Bachelorette Clare in the best light. But it was all so long ago, it can’t hurt to laugh about it now!

Clare and Nikki, perhaps because they were two of the strongest frontrunners, never got along. There was an infamous moment where Nikki told Clare to get out of her hotel room and Clare responded with “Did you pay for it?” Haha. Classic.

The drama built and built until it finally came to a head at a rose ceremony midway through the season, where Clare and Nikki simply sat on a couch and stared in opposite directions for a hugely awkward amount of time. I can only assume they were ordered to sit there by producers. It was an amazing moment that has not been achieved in any season since!

The midnight swim

Clare got a ton of airtime in last night’s recap, but this was another irreplaceable Clare moment we didn’t get to revisit. While in Vietnam, Clare had the courage to go over to Juan Pablo Galavis’ house and invite him on a midnight swim. He accepted, and the two frolicked and kissed in the ocean.

However, Clare wasn’t left with positive memories of the midnight swim for very long. At that week’s rose ceremony, Juan Pablo somehow thought it was a good idea to tell Clare that it was a mistake and something that was disrespectful to his daughter. Naturally, this made every viewer watching feel like something much more intense had gone down in the water than what really happened.

Oh, Juan Pablo. It was quite cringeworthy watching Clare try and defend herself for something he had agreed to, and something that wasn’t even that bad! In terms of the typical Bachelor fare, this midnight swim really wasn’t all that inappropriate. It wasn’t even skinny dipping like we saw Ben and Courtney do in Season 17!

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There really are too many moments to revisit! This truly was one of the most dramatic seasons… ever!

What were your favorite moments from last night? Share in the comments below?