Kaitlyn Bristowe could have been on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season


Let’s just say Kaitlyn Bristowe is relieved that she didn’t end up on Juan Pablo’s season.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s life certainly led her down a completely different path than what it could have been. And by that I mean, she could have been on Juan Pablo’s season but in the end wasn’t selected. If you’ve seen his season then you know that he wasn’t exactly the ideal Bachelor, and went down in Bachelor Nation history as one of the most hated leads of all time.

It’s shocking and surprising to think that once upon a time Kaitlyn Bristowe thought she might want to pursue him on the show. In her defense, she was smitten over his daughter Camila, and was excited at the prospect of being a potential stepmother.

However, by the time the season ended, Kaitlyn was counting her blessings for not being selected. In fact, during last night’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, she was quick to reveal her true feelings about Juan Pablo stating that he is “the worst Bachelor ever”. I mean, she’s not wrong, he did get pretty awful there in the end.

Dare I remind you all of what Juan Pablo said to Clare Crawley on that helicopter ride. It was one of the most shocking, disturbing, and inappropriate things we’ve ever heard a Bachelor say. Seriously, what the heck was he thinking?!

Kaitlyn Bristowe is surprised that Clare didn’t drop Juan Pablo right then and there, especially given the level of disrespect he showed her. But I think what was really difficult for a lot of the women on Juan Pablo’s season was that he was ridiculously charming with that accent and smooth moves. He was quite hard to resist, and unfortunately, it blinded a lot of the contestants from his less than appealing personality.

Whether we’re talking about Kaitlyn Bristowe or Clare Crawley, I would say things turned out just fine for both of them, wouldn’t you? Kaitlyn went on to be the Bachelorette and find love with Jason Tartick, and Clare is our next Bachelorette and has supposedly found love with one of the contestants.

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Alls well that ends well, but I sure am glad Kaitlyn didn’t end up on Juan Pablo’s season–like seriously. 

Would you have wanted to see Kaitlyn on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor