The Bachelorette: Hannah Ann Sluss spotted on set


Bachelor Nation is in a frenzy as Hannah Ann Sluss is spotted on the set of The Bachelorette.

Hannah Ann Sluss is the latest addition to The Bachelorette Season16 chaos as leaked images show her on set with a very large suitcase. Given the news of Tayshia Adams stepping in after Clare Crawley’s abrupt exit from the series, it feels like anything can happen at this point.

But what in the world is Hannah Ann Sluss doing there? Is the production of The Bachelorette trying to go for some multi-Bachelorette record? And while we’re talking about this–why the heck is Becca Kufrin there as well?

The logical side of me understands that these two are likely there because they’re going to show up for one episode and offer their advice/remarks on whatever is unfolding. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen in the past (remember Hannah Brown’s season when Demi Burnett and Katie Morton showed up to size up the potential guys?).

Many were speculating that Hannah Ann Sluss and Becca Kufrin’s presence may be alluding to some early Bachelor in Paradise situation. I don’t believe this is the case as we would have seen way more contestants popping up at the resort.

So, if that starts happening, then we know something major is up.

The presence of Hannah Ann and Becca is more than likely a one appearance deal, perhaps to comment on the Bachelorette swap. But with the crazy week Bachelor Nation has had, do you really blame us for letting our imaginations run wild?

Many of us are dying in anticipation to see how The Bachelorette season 16 is going to play out when it finally airs. I for one can’t wait to learn what the heck is happening with Clare’s journey, and how Tayshia ended up taking the role of the lead.

The tidbits we sort of know is that Clare may have found love with a contestant prior to filming, and by the time they got to the resort, she had essentially made up her mind. Apart from confirming Tayshia is the lead, we don’t really have any other official news regarding what went down so we will have to sit tight and see how it all goes does!

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Hannah Ann Sluss–you have Bachelor Nation reeling!

What do you think about Hannah Ann and Becca Kufrin being on the set of The Bachelorette? Share your comments below!