Bachelor in Paradise is a perfect summer binge-watch for HBO Max subscribers


If you’re an HBO Max subscriber, don’t miss out on Bachelor in Paradise!

Bachelor in Paradise is my favorite show of the franchise. I don’t know whether it’s the cool, relaxed atmosphere of the beach or just that it feels more real than the other shows, but there is something about this summer series that has me hooked.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a new season of Bachelor in Paradise this year due to the coronavirus pandemic causing delays in production. But, there is good news! At least for HBO Max subscribers anyway.

If you have HBO Max then you’re able to check out selected past seasons of the series for your viewing pleasure. I mean, doesn’t it sound like the best summer binge-watch? I would say so!

What Bachelor in Paradise seasons are on HBO Max?

There aren’t too many seasons on there, but what they’ve got, is worth checking out, even if it makes you cringe. The HBO Max collection consists of Seasons 4-6 which included Bachelor Nation favorites Derek Peth, Dean Unglert, Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour, Demi Burnett, and many more.

Which season should you start with?

If you’ve never seen the series, I’d say starting with Season 6 would be a great place to start. I think it consisted of a lot of fan favorites, and had equal parts drama and equal parts romance. It has the perfect balance of it all, and gave us some iconic moments (I’m looking at you, Jordan Kimball).

It may not have been the most dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise, however it did make history for having its first same-sex couple. So for that fact alone, Season 6 is well worth the watch.

As for Seasons 4 and 5, I’d say they’re not my absolute favorite, but when it comes to Bachelor Nation shows, I’d binge-watch any of them, any day. And given that we didn’t get a new season this year, rewatching the chaos of these seasons is always a good time.

I will say that If you’re looking for something a bit more on the dramatic side, then Season 4 should be your next stop. It is the season that was filled with the most controversial stuff we’ve seen on Bachelor in Paradise.

It was the season that was almost skipped over due to an alleged incident between two contestants which caused production to shut down until an investigation took place. Filming did resume after it was found that no evidence existed supporting the incident, but it was still quite the rollercoaster ride.

So if you’re an HBO Max subscriber, then I think you have your binge-watch list for the remainder of the summer. So grab a drink of your choice, sit back, and let the drama commence. And if you want to do this all while laying in a hammock hanging between two palm trees, then we won’t stop you!

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Bachelor in Paradise is well worth your time, HBO Max subscribers–seriously.

Will you be binge-watching the series on HBO Max? Share your comments below!