The Bachelor Season 15: Where is Emily Maynard now?


The Bachelor Season 15 introduced us to Emily Maynard!

The Bachelor Season 15 gave us a lot of beloved Bachelor Nation alums, but one that stands out is Emily Maynard. When she joined Brad Womack’s season, we instantly fell in love with her and empathized with her when she shared her fiancé had passed away before their daughter, Ricki, was born. It was a heartbreaking story but resonated with so many across the world.

It was safe to say we were smitten with The Bachelor Season 15’s Emily Maynard, and even more stoked when she left the season engaged to Brad Womack. However, things didn’t turn out as expected, as is the nature of life.

Is she still with Brad Womack?

Nope! Not long after The Bachelor Season 15 ended, Womack and Maynard split as a couple. Things just weren’t working out, and eventually they made the decision to go their own ways. While on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, Maynard looked back at the relationship she had with Womack.

"And it was really hard. We both put in a lot of work traveling back and forth and all of that, but I think we both knew, ‘This is just not fun anymore. This is just not going to work."

But don’t worry–she got her happily ever after!

While she did have her turn as the Bachelorette, Maynard eventually found love with Tyler Johnson. After three kids together plus Ricki, the couple is as happy as can be. Life keeps them quite busy these days, and if you watch the video above, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

It’s quite the adorable family and seeing them together gives you all the feels. And it looks like they’ll continue to do so as Emily shared her desire to have a large family. Yay for happiness!

Are she and Brad still friends?

Even with the complexities of their relationship, Brad and Emily are on good terms today. He even texted her congratulations back in 2014 when she got married, which I thought was super sweet.

See, exes can be friends! Sometimes…

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It’s always wonderful to see Bachelor Nation alums living their best lives, isn’t it?

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