The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 Brad Womack moments we did not see

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The Bachelor star Emily Maynard: Where is she now?
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After the Final Rose

Brad and Emily Maynard had a lovely time during the first few episodes of Season 15, but as time went on, their seemingly perfect relationship started to show some cracks. We first got a glimpse of this the night before their engagement, when Emily questioned Brad on if he was really ready for a child and Brad grew increasingly frustrated. However, it was a high pressure situation, so most fans retained faith in the couple.

However, it became clear it wasn’t all roses when the engaged couple appeared on “After the Final Rose” a couple months later. Both described their relationship as volatile, and didn’t even seem to know for sure if they were going to stay together. Emily said “he’s got a bit of a temper” and revealed that, upon meeting Brad’s family, they asked her “have you poked the bear yet?” Emily also said she felt like “a dime a dozen” watching the season back, and wished that Brad had saved certain things for just her.

Though this was certainly an uncomfortable AFTR, I appreciated it as we got to see a different and, in my opinion, more compelling side of Emily. Her edit on the season didn’t show much personality, but this episode demonstrated that she was perfectly capable of expressing herself and being entertaining!

Emily revealed in her book that she had taken some shots backstage before the show and regretted being so honest, but I for one wouldn’t have had it any other way. This was a great After the Final Rose: a real couple being honest about their struggles, not putting on a show, and showing different sides than we got to see on the season.

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Overall, the second time around for Brad Womack was a true treat! 

What were your favorite moments from Brad Womack’s seasons? Share in the comments below!