The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 Brad Womack moments we did not see

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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever

Shawntel’s career

Throughout the many years of The Bachelor, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing a wide variety of careers featured, from chicken lover to erectile dysfunction specialist. However, Season 15 really put the spotlight on one career in particular: Shawntel Newton’s job at her family’s funeral parlor.

One of the funniest things about Brad was that he became easily flustered and did not bother to hide his emotions at any time. His one-on-one date with Shawntel was no exception, especially when she filled him in on her unique career.

As she went through every detail of the embalming process, Brad looked more and more panicked; it was clear he had never spoken to someone about this particular topic before. The best quote of the night? When Brad asked what Shawntel meant by leakage, she responded with, “I mean, think of all of our orifices.” Hilarious.

Brad and Shawntel later visited the family funeral parlor, which the show surely appreciated as it gave them one of the most unique hometown visits of all time. Too bad we didn’t get to see it all go down during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever.

Ashley Hebert’s hometown

Unfortunately, Brad Womack’s episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever tragically had to skim over Ashley Hebert’s time on the show. We saw some of the more difficult moments between her and Brad, but didn’t get to see much of her true self. During Season 15, Ashley’s amazing personality was on full display when we met her family on her hometown date in Maine.

Ashley and Brad kicked off their date by visiting a lovely diner and ordering poutine. Brad initially seemed very out of his element, attempting to eat the dish with a fork (apparently this is not okay) and speaking Spanish instead of French to the server. Classic Brad. They then proceeded to pick up some food for dinner at a precious little food stand in the middle of nowhere, and paid for the meal by simply putting money into a wooden box! This town.

Ashley’s family was just as endearing as Ashley herself, and Brad didn’t seem to want to leave. Overall, it was one of the better hometown dates of the franchise, making it all the more surprising that Brad sent her home a week later! In any case, this date made me want to spend the rest of my days in Madawaska, Maine.