Why was Brad Womack the Bachelor two times?

(ABC/Mark Wessels) BRAD WOMACK
(ABC/Mark Wessels) BRAD WOMACK /

Why did Brad Womack become the Bachelor–twice?

Brad Womack was introduced to Bachelor Nation back in 2007 when he starred as Season 11’s leading man. If you watched his season, then you know things didn’t exactly go as one would have hoped during his finale.

He ended up sending the final two women home in the final (yeah, both), DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft. It was quite the spectacle, and despite everything the franchise had already seen happen at that point–it was still quite the controversial end.

If you want to see how that moment went down, don’t worry Bachelor Nation–we’ve got the video for you below. Enjoy it in all of its cringeworthy glory.

Brad Womack picks no one–the first time around

So, yes, Brad Womack didn’t pick anyone on his first run as the Bachelor, but unlike anyone else that has had the opportunity to be on the show, he got another go at it about 4 years later.

What made him so special? Apparently, he just asked for another chance at finding “the one”–and got it. I’m not sure that sort of request would hold much weight or be given much consideration in today’s day and age. Can you imagine if Colton Underwood or Nick Viall asked for another shot? I’m not sure they’d get it, but then again, this is Bachelor Nation we’re talking about. They do love themselves top-notch ratings.

After his first go at the Bachelor, ABC was in touch with Brad Womack over the years. It was more along the lines of keeping him in the loop about any Bachelor-related specials they might do. But with every conversation, Brad expressed his desire to find love and eventually, the network decided he could come back for round number two.

Luckily, in Brad’s case, the second time around he did find love. Although the relationship didn’t last, it was a stark difference than what happened with his first Bachelor finale.

I don’t want to give away too many details about his season on The Bachelor just yet as we will dive into all that and more. Just you wait!

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