The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Where is Alex Michel now?


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever has us wondering–where is our very first Bachelor, Alex Michel now?

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever looked back at our very first Bachelor, Alex Michel. It was a surreal trip down memory lane filled with oversized suits, awkward moments, and a whole new world that no one had ever been privy to before.

It’s funny to think that Alex Michel paved the way for what would go on to become a cultural phenomenon. Yet, most of us don’t even know who he is or barely remember anything about him. Personally, it wasn’t until The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever that I even heard the name Alex Michel.

That’s why I’m loving the retrospective series! We’re able to learn about past Bachelors and Bachelorettes and gaining a stronger appreciation for the franchise in general.

So where is Alex Michel now?

Well, this is a tough one to answer considering since his days as the Bachelor, Alex Michel has been quite M.I.A. In fact, he didn’t even stop by The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever to catch Bachelor Nation up on his life. And even outside of that, he’s never really been in the spotlight, unlike those that followed after him.

Ironically enough, the very reason for coming on any of the Bachelor Nation shows is to gain recognition and fame, yet Alex couldn’t run further away from it.

Thanks to Bachelor Nation sleuths, however, we do a little bit about the whereabouts of our first Bachelor. Some have tracked down his LinkedIn and learned that he is currently a managing director for Generation Consulting–a business consulting company.

Is Alex Michel still single?

Apparently, yes. But again, this isn’t confirmed given Alex Michel’s penchant for keeping his life out of the public eye. I mean, I don’t blame him. It’s not exactly all rainbows and butterflies out here. But hey, if it turns out he is single and ready to mingle–you can find him in Washington D.C.!

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Alex Michel, if you’re reading this, Bachelor Nation is waiting to hear from you.

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