The Bachelorette Season 16: What we know about rumored filming location

(ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua) CLARE CRAWLEY
(ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua) CLARE CRAWLEY /

The Bachelorette Season 16’s rumored filming location is quite the sight for sore eyes.

The Bachelorette Season 16 is gearing up to be quite the experience unlike anything Bachelor Nation has ever dealt with before. As many of you already know, instead of filming at the Bachelor Mansion as they usually do, production is taking place at one location where the cast and crew will be quarantined.

There are a lot of safety precautions in place given the concerns surrounding COVID-19, including frequent testing, etc. However, I’m still not sure how a show like The Bachelorette is going to pull this off but we’ll have to hang tight to see how it plays out once filming begins.

So, what is this rumored location?

As for the location where cast and crew will gather is rumored to be La Quinta Resort and Spa in La Quinta, California. This resort is actually a popular location for Coachella-goers, and is quite the place to stay in.

It sits on about 1,400 acres of land and is an all-inclusive resort with 41 pools, 53 hot spas, 23 tennis courts, 5 golf courses, 7 restaurants, and a partridge in a pear tree. Are you starting to see why this would be the perfect place for something like this?

Again, this location hasn’t been confirmed by the network or anyone on the production team, but multiple outlets have reported on it including US WeeklySo while we wait for confirmation on whether or not The Bachelorette team is indeed at the La Quinta Resort and Spa, let’s take a peek at what this glamorous resort looks like. Spoiler alert: It’s amazing.

Would you just look at these palm trees and casitas–and that background?!

Personal balcony for some one-on-one time? Check and check. Late night dip in the pool? Double check.

Some wining and dining by the fireplace? It’s got that too.

Did I mention the 5 golf courses they could potentially have the luxury of playing on?

The best part about this resort, especially for Clare Crawley, is that they are dog-friendly. We can assume it’s a must that she’ll be bringing her furry friends along for the ride, so this alone makes the resort an enticing option.

And most importantly, the resort has a lot of space, and given that the entire cast and crew will be staying there, that is the ideal situation for the production. They need a place that will be able to host them for the duration of filming, and allow them to distance in the best way possible. Again, no idea how that will work, but it seems like they’ve thought of everything at this point.

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La Quinta Resort and Spa has not been confirmed by the network or production–but seems like the perfect option, doesn’t it?

What do you think of this resort being the possible location for The Bachelorette to film? Share your comments below!