The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from JoJo Fletcher’s season


Up next? on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever? The weirdest moments from JoJo Fletcher’s season.

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever gives us another week with our favorite seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. This week we went back in time to see the adorable JoJo Fletcher and her journey to find true love.

We took a step back to 2016 as our home office host Chris Harrison led us through the wild ride that really did *spoiler alert* have a happy ending! With Wells Adams and fiance Sarah Hyland along for commentary from the get-go, we knew this was going to be a fun one.

Let’s take a look back at some of the weirdest and worst moments that made JoJo’s season so great.

It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette if we didn’t get the crazy flowing right away on night one, would it? Things started with the awkward and uncomfortable with Belly Button Poking Daniel Maguire who took it upon himself to come at unassuming Evan Bass with a finger to the stomach. Ewww. I do not like this move at all and I need to know why Daniel thought this was a cool bro bonding thing. It’s not, I promise.

After violating his fellow castmates, Daniel felt too restricted by his suit and tie and opted to strip down to his skivvies and take a plunge into the pool. This was not a surprise to anyone, merely the cherry on top to his already out there behavior. Alas, Daniel survived the night and lasted longer than anyone expected in this quest for JoJo’s heart. Sometimes weird works, people.

Tantric yoga

Up next on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever–tantric yoga. Sure, this franchise is known for some less than traditional dates, but the weird came out in spades when Chase McNary and JoJo participated in tantric, tantrum yoga for their first one-on-one date together.

This combo of awkward touching with violent shaking and yelling to release those inhibitions definitely made the pair uncomfortable, to say the least. That is until the straddling each other on the floor portion of the date arrived. The result was some fiery kissing by these two less angry, more sweaty lovebirds so I guess the forced touching worked!

Bad Chad

Worst moments don’t get much worse than the protein fueled time-bomb of a man known as Chad Johnson. Chad came in fairly normally on night one, but then quickly turned into everyone’s least favorite person who hid his true colors almost until the end from our girl, JoJo.

From not putting in the effort to fight for JoJo’s love to fighting with the other contestants to taking a bite out of a raw sweet potato, Chad started showing his red flags gradually. He started aggressively waving those red flags with the same fervor as he performed his suitcase weight-belt pull-ups every morning when the group date had our guys do a stand-up routine.

Evan decided to perform several minutes about the side effects of steroids during a group standup comedy date that was not so casually directed at psycho Chad and his angry, obnoxious behavior. Living up to expectations, Chad was not amused and grabbed Evan’s shirt by the collar, ripping it in the process. Thus, the Bachelor mansion received a visible security guide to protect the group from Chad “tearing off everyone’s arms and legs and throwing their torsos in the pool.” Yikes.

Finally, JoJo got the clarity she needed and saw the red flags hoisted high and sent Chad and his scary, violent tendencies home during a two-on-one with Alex. Bachelor Nation rejoiced and the remaining boys celebrated with a protein powder ceremony in memoriam.  Bullet freaking dodged.

Being sent home during Fantasy Suite Dates–yikes

Break-ups are always bad, but bad took on a new meaning when the Fantasy Suite date went awry and Chase had his dreams shattered before he even made it into the hotel room. Chase worked up the courage to spill out his feelings to JoJo who immediately realized she simply wasn’t feeling it and told him so. Ya know, like she should have because leading people on is mean.

Unfortunately, Chase took this news TERRIBLY and went off about how he put himself out there and couldn’t believe she could do this to him. Then he was an adult and walked away completely to avoid the rest of the conversation. JoJo had to chase (see what I did there?) him down to finish their chat so that things didn’t end with zero closure. It was not pretty and another reassurance of Jojo making good choices. Goodbye, you aren’t mature enough for this, Chase!

But JoJo ended up finding her man and they are still happy! Yay! And thank goodness.

And with that, we look forward to a double feature next week on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever taking it waaayyyy back to the beginning with the original Bachelor and Bachelorette.

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Get ready for the nostalgia, folks!

Were there any weird moments that we missed? Share with us in the comments below!