The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Season 1, Episode 4 recap


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits JoJo Fletcher’s season!

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever kicks off this week by showing JoJo as The Bachelorette. She was one of the most beloved bachelorettes, and her cast was full of entertaining men. JoJo’s season was full of ups and downs, many laughs, and some very unique dates.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with an interview with Wells Adams and his fiance, Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). Wells may not have found love with JoJo, but he and Sarah are happily engaged. Chris chatted with the couple while they re-watched the first night. Wells thought he was going to get the first impression rose!

The men of JoJo Fletcher’s season

JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette was full of amazing men. We saw Derek Peth, Grant the firefighter, and the infamous bad boy Chad Johnson during her limo entrances. The radio DJ Wells had one of the best entrances since he brought All-4-One along to serenade JoJo. Let’s not forget the goofy guys Evan Bass and the Canadian Daniel Maguire. On the first night, Daniel poked Evan in the belly button and dived into the pool while wearing a speedo.

The first highlighted date on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was with Chase McNary. The couple went to a fascinating tantric yoga session filled with some interesting grunting/yelling noises. The date was extra funny because Chase had a very stoic personality, and JoJo was afraid she was going to scare him away. She even said some of the yoga movies reminded her of The Exorcism. Despite the bizarre date, they seemed to hit it off very well and grew closer.

One of the reviewed group dates was the firefighter challenge. Wells received quite a bit of grief during this date because of his small size. Everyone felt bad for him until he had more one on one time with JoJo while recovering from the physical challenge. The awkwardness continued when JoJo and Wells had an individual date, and Wells felt pressured to kiss her finally. The kiss went well, but you could tell Wells was very stressed leading up to that moment.

Then the reign of Chad’s terror began. Chad detested everyone in the house and proceeded to call them a parade of losers. Chad was a very violent person, and many of the other men tried to confront him. Daniel’s conversation was the strangest when he attempted to compare Chad to Hitler or Mussolini.

An extra odd bit from this conversation was that Chad was snacking on a raw potato. During a group date, Evan presented the warning signs of someone using steroids and essentially implied Chad took steroids. Evan eventually went to Chris Harrison and warned them about Chad’s behavior. However, production only gave him a warning and didn’t send him home.

Instead, the production made a show of it by staffing security around the mansion. Then production sent JoJo on a two-on-one date with Chad and Alex Woytkiw. Alex explained how Chad was when JoJo wasn’t around the house. She wasn’t aware of Chad threatening to beat people up. After thinking it through, JoJo sent Chad home. But shortly after his departure, Chad made another appearance after everyone else celebrated him leaving by sprinkling his protein powder.

Some heartbreaking departures we revisited during The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was that of Derek, Luke Pell, and Chase. All three men thought they were on the same page as JoJo, but they were not. After checking in with Derek and Luke, Chris had a quarantine check-in with Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season. Tyler’s new best friend and the latest bachelor, Matt James, joined in the video chat. It was fun getting some early screen time with the latest member of The Bachelor family.

JoJo’s final two men were Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. She loved both men, but she tearfully said goodbye to Robby. Her heartbreak quickly turned into joy when Jordan excitedly proposed to her, and she said yes. JoJo was so excited to say she loved Jordan. The couple couldn’t stop saying they loved each other once they started.

Chris checked in with JoJo and Jordan, who are happy together still. They built their first home together. The couple postponed their wedding because of COVID, though. Chris apologized they had to miss their wedding day, but JoJo’s parents showed up at that exact moment with a surprise wedding cake!

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Next week’s episode of The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever covers two seasons: Alex’s season of The Bachelor and Trista’s season of The Bachelorette.

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