The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: 3 JoJo Fletcher Moments we did not see

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The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever missed these three JoJo Fletcher moments!

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever covered Season 12 of The Bachelorette in its latest episode. The season, starring the beautiful Texan house flipper Joelle Fletcher, had so many fun and dramatic moments that were lovely to revisit last night. Honestly, I would have watched this episode even if it was just a recap of everything Chad (or as Chris Harrison referred to him, the “outrageous bad boy,” said and did, complete with unreleased footage or something.

Am I the only one who wants to see more unreleased footage that didn’t make the cut of the season, beyond the bloopers? They should consider that for future episodes.

We had Chris Harrison! We had the desk of roses! We had Joshua the camera son! We had Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland presiding over the proceedings! We saw a lot, but of course, there were a few moments that did not make it into the episode that we must address!

The hot tub is way too hot!

We all remember Luke Pell, the insanely attractive country boy who made it to JoJo’s final four. Last night showed the serious side of JoJo and Luke’s relationship, but there was one moment from their first one-on-one date we didn’t get to see again: the insanely hot hot tub!

JoJo and Luke took a dog sled on a wilderness expedition that let them to a wooden hot tub in the middle of nowhere. The hot tub turned out to be a wood fire tub, which is so cool! Luke chopped some wood (which was awesome) and Jojo said she wanted it very hot.

Come to find, they made the hot tub a little too hot and it resulted in one of the rare “real” moments of humor shown on a Bachelorette date. JoJo could barely get in the water and Luke had to slowly lower her in. It was hilarious and I definitely related. Hot tubs are always way too hot!

Luke even integrated the moment into his toast, saying, “Sometimes hot tubs are too hot.” Very profound stuff.