The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: Catching up with Wells Adams

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Chris Harrison checks in on Wells Adams during tonight’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever!

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever will air JoJo Fletcher’s infamous season of The Bachelorette. We adored her then, we adore her even more now, and reliving her journey to find love will be a memorable one for sure.

We met many interesting men during that season including but not limited to Bad Chad. But someone people often forget is Wells Adams. He may be the resident Bachelor Nation bartender now on Bachelor in Paradise, but he too was looking for love once upon a time.

But as so often happens, Wells found love outside of the Bachelor Nation family through a series of tweets that would go down in his romantic history. After watching the “Men Tell All” of JoJo’s season, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was immediately smitten over Wells’ love of books.

In fact, her tweet had the hashtag, #MenWhoReadAreHot, in it referring to the fact that Wells talked about Harry Potter and Lord of the Flies during the Tell All segment. Their love story began from that tweet and some DM sliding, and now about 3 years later–the couple is happily engaged!

How are they doing now?

Well, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever is wonderful for many reasons but the number one being that we get to see where past contestants are now. Some have moved on in their lives with the same people they met during their time on the show, while others have gotten married and settled with people that have nothing to do with the franchise.

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland aren’t both part of the Bachelor Nation family, but they might as well be as they are both part of the bigger umbrella that is ABC. In the clip above, Chris Harrison checks in with the couple, and immediately begins asking them about how they met.

I’m sure there is more to that clip, and we’ll have to find out exactly what during tonight’s episode of

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever


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Aren’t Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland just the cutest couple ever?!

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