The Bachelorette: 6 Chad Johnson moments we will never forget

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Chad gets sent home and then comes back again

Chad Johnson was sent home promptly by JoJo during a two-on-one date after learning that he threatened Jordan Rodgers that he would find him after the show and beat him up. JoJo was not about that life and sent Chad packing.

But wait…there’s more!

In the final two minutes of the show, Chad makes an awkward and angry return much to the surprise of all the male contestants. Jordan Rodgers attempts to reconcile things with him, but in true Chad fashion, he couldn’t care less and did not take the opportunity to apologize to the others.

Despite getting on his last nerves, Jordan shook Chad’s hand, and before he was gone once and for all, Evan got in a jab by asking Chad to pay him back for his shirt. Making one more snide comment on his way out, it was the last that season of The Bachelorette saw of him.

As of the rest of the contestants? They threw a protein powder funeral in honor of Chad finally leaving the mansion.

Wow, Chad Johnson was quite the character, and I think it’s safe to say, we’re hoping to catch up with him or hear an update on him during tonight’s episode. Granted, he’s been uh, quite busy with the law and his new profession, but who knows, if anyone can make it happen–it’s Chris Harrison.

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Here’s to hoping Chad Johnson shows up for a surprise interview on tonight’s episode!

What is your favorite Chad Johnson moment? Did we miss any here? Share in the comments below!