The Bachelorette: 6 Chad Johnson moments we will never forget

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Chad Johnson
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The time security patrolled the Bachelor mansion

Yes, this did happen thanks to the unstable nature of Bad Chad. Feeling threatened and frightened by what he could do next, the men of JoJo’s season decided to hire security. Possibly the most scared was Chad’s roommate, Derek Peth, who stated:

"Last night I felt like Chad could potentially snap, which is a little bit scary because he sleeps right next to me. I could just feel the tension anytime I step into that room and he’s in there."


His abrasive and blunt attitude definitely rubbed contestants the wrong way, and the fact that they hired security to protect them speaks volumes.

“Stay away from the nice guys”

Yet another infamous Chad Johnson quote, ladies and gentlemen. While in conversation with Daniel, Bad Chad has no qualms about putting the other guys in the house down. He suggests that nice guys have an agenda and that JoJo most likely wants to be with a man, which he believes none of the other contestants are. Goodness, this guy was relentless.

He continues to go on and says that if a “protein shake was made up of the dudes here, then half of that dude protein shake would have zero chance.” Oh, Chad Johnson, where do you come up with this stuff?

The one where Chad gets compared to…

This conversation between Chad and Daniel was extremely strange and weird. It was definitely a turning point for Daniel who had started to realize that hanging out with Chad was giving him a bad rep. To “put things into perspective” for Chad, Daniel compared him to the likes of Hitler, even though Chad resisted that comparison.

It was shocking that Chad didn’t punch Daniel in the face right then and there but if anything it should have alerted him to his temperamental behavior and how others were feeling because of it. Did he learn? Unfortunately not.