The Bachelorette: 6 Chad Johnson moments we will never forget

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The one where Chad got in Evan’s face

Ah yes, this group date. We can’t forget this moment even if we tried. During a group date, the men were asked to take part in an improv comedy situation while telling an embarrassing sex story about themselves.

The friction between Chad and the men already existed, so contestant Evan Bass took this opportunity to bash on Chad, and what resulted after was not that shocking. In hindsight, Evan definitely tried to push Chad’s buttons, but Chad’s reaction was so over the top. Because he proceeded to rip Evan’s shirt and punch a door on his way out. One that he claims “walked into him”.

He grabbed Evan by the shirt and shoved him back as Evan tried to explain it was all in the name of having fun. Was it really, though? You know Chad Johnson is always sitting on the edge of implosion, not sure if poking the Chad bear was the right move. Doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who can handle jokes–just saying.

The grunt bros

In a house full of men that absolutely hated him, Chad Johnson found a bromance in fellow contestant Daniel Maguire. They spent all their time together working out around the mansion making–grunting noises. It wasn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, and the whole “bro” vibe threw many of the contestants off, especially Evan, who was quick to comment on the bromance.

Is anyone else that surprised that Chad was so irked by Evan?