The Bachelorette Season 12: A look back at JoJo Fletcher

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Wells’ long awaited kiss

We all know Wells as the beloved bartender of Bachelor in Paradise, but he got his start during Season 12 of The Bachelorette. Wells was a little bit out of his element right away, as he was forced to compete in the firefighter challenge and found he wasn’t exactly up to the task, physically. Another task he wasn’t quite up for was kissing JoJo for the first time.

Because this show can and will exploit any possible awkward moment, Wells’ entire one-on-one date revolved around him trying and failing to find the perfect moment to kiss JoJo. Naturally, this had to happen as they partook in the water performance spectacle that is Fuerza Bruta.

Although Wells did eventually succeed in kissing the girl, it seemed it was too little, too late for JoJo. However, Wells’ dismissal from her season resulted in the start of his bartending career and engagement to actress Sarah Hyland, so it all worked out for the best!

The “entitlement” debate

Things get pretty boring around the mansion, with no phones, no computers, nothing to read. Contestants have to make their own fun, and the men of JoJo’s season were fond of playing card games. Seems innocent enough, but one such card game caused contestant James Taylor to tell JoJo that her frontrunner Jordan Rodgers seemed entitled when explaining the rules. This really goes to show how little drama there was without Chad around to create it.

To his credit, Jordan handled the accusation pretty well, stating that he often surprised people who think he’s someone he’s not. If anything, JoJo’s concern over the drama showed how serious she was about ending up with him in the end!