The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever: The weirdest moments from Ben Higgins’ season


The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever revisits Ben Higgins’ season!

The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever continues this week with a look back at Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. It brought back the cute but all together awkward Ben Higgins moments which involved him committing the mortal sin of telling two people he loved them. The horror! This was an AWFUL controversy back in 2016 and made the “Boy Next Door” not so popular with Bachelor Nation who thought he could do no wrong.

Ben’s ladies brought the drama, the crazy, and the over-the-top moments that made this season a classic. Let’s break down a few of those weird, worst, and wild instances that we could never forget.

The awkward 1-on-1 date

Coming in hot out of the gate in the weird category was the one-on-one date Bachelor Ben and real life Disney princess, Caila, unfortunately shared with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Don’t get me wrong, these two are hilarious, but there’s a time and place, ya know?

The comedic duo rode along in a convertible with our two lovebirds and made things awkward, to say the least, as Ben and Caila tried to pretend they were actually alone. Not exactly the best way to get know each other. Have you heard of alone time, ABC producers?

Next, Ice Cube suggested buying condoms and hard liquor (necessities) before Kevin Hart took a nude dip in a hot tub right next to our couple. Caila was not thrilled, but handled it in stride as she maintained both her attitude and her perfect hair despite the moisture surrounding her. (Seriously, I forgot how amazing her hair is. Caila, what are your secrets??)

Viva Las Vegas!

Next up on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever was the madness that was contestant Olivia. Weird took on another level when Olivia decided to take her “talents” to the stage in Vegas for a memorable group date talent show. Olivia opted to showgirl it up and commit to the bit by popping out of a cake and dancing around for the crowd in a flashy, skimpy outfit that made everyone including herself feel uncomfortable.

Personally, I think this moment was a combo of awful and amazing because Olivia full on embraced it and made a fool of herself all in the name of love! Go big for your man, girl! Unfortunately after this date, Ben and Olivia’s relationship took a downturn and she was sent home not far after, but you can’t say she didn’t leave it all on the table, or rather, stage.

 A rollercoaster of eye contact

Honorable mention for weirdness has to go to crazy-girl Lace who took Ben on a roller coaster with her emotions from night one. From stealing the first kiss to stalking the other girls to being insanely mad when Ben didn’t make eye-contact with her at the rose ceremony, Lace had a lot going on.

She made it much further into this process than she should have, honestly. However, and finally, her questionable behavior caught up to her and she excused herself from the show, but not before making her mark on the season.

Pig Beach

Group dates are supposed to be fun, but one particular date this season made it into the worst moments category. Two words: pig beach.

The crew was in the Bahamas and visited the beach to frolic with the native pigs who frequent the shore and it was frightening. These pigs are too aggressive, people! And all over the place! JoJo did say it best when she said, “Just like a bar in Dallas; pigs everywhere.” Lots of screaming and uncomfortable moments and I hated watching these scary animals come at our Bachelor girls so hard. No thank you.

Olivia finally gets her apology

Alternatively on a serious note, Chris Harrison welcomed Olivia via livestream during this week’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever to talk about her time on the show and how bad things were for her when the show aired. Olivia was harassed and made fun of for the size of her mouth as well as her behavior on the show. As a result, she struggled with depression due to all of the negativity towards her.

It was hard to watch and see the reality of how words both online and in real life can affect someone in such a strong way, but was a really important conversation that needed to be had. I wanted to reach through the screen and give Olivia a hug, and I’m proud of her for speaking out with honesty and grace. Olivia, you’re amazing! Keep thriving, lady!

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Were there any weird moments from this week’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever that we missed? Share them below!