Kaitlyn Bristowe will be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars!

Kaitlyn Bristowe is FINALLY going on Dancing with the Stars!

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s dreams came true this week and we couldn’t be happier for her. For years now, Bristowe has been very vocal about how her feelings about the Bachelor franchise sabotaging her chances of being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Well, no more! During last night’s look back at Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, the former leading lady was extended an invite to join the dancing show by host Chris Harrison.

So, wait there wasn’t a proposal? And she won’t be taking over Chris Harrison’s job?

No, unfortunately, not just yet. Many of us were led to believe that perhaps the incessant reminders to wait until the end of the episode was due to a surprise proposal from Bristowe’s Bachelor Nation boyfriend, Jason Tartick. Alas, that was not the big announcement.

Some of us even thought that perhaps Chris Harrison was retiring from the Bachelor franchise once and for all, and asking Bristowe to take over his duties. Yah, that ain’t happening anytime soon, is it?

But hey, while all that hasn’t happened just yet, this news is just as exciting. Kaitlyn Bristowe has waited long enough, and it was about time she got a chance to show off her dance moves. Personally, I think it was a nice touch to have Harrison be the one to invite her to join. It’s the least the franchise could do after making her feel that they were getting in her way.

I mean, even Nick Viall got the chance to be on Dancing with the Stars, so yah, it was about time.

Kaitlyn’s reaction was beyond adorable because she was genuinely surprised over the invite. After all, she’s been very vocal in the past about how show creator Mike Fleiss told her she couldn’t go on Dancing with the Stars and was not afraid to tell the whole world.

It’s nice to see that there have been some changes on the franchise’s end which just so happens to coincide with the announcement that the next Bachelor will be Matt James, the first Black lead for The Bachelor. Of course, Rachel Lindsay was the first Black lead for The Bachelorette, but up until now, she was the only person of color to take on the leading role.

It looks like the Bachelor franchise is trying to mend and make up for any wrongs they have committed over the years. While they still have a ways to go, I commend them for at least taking a step in the right direction.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Bristowe! We can’t wait to see her strutting her moves on the next season of Dancing with the Stars!

Are you excited to see Kaitlyn Bristowe on Dancing with the Stars? Who do you hope to see as her dancing partner? Share in the comments below! 

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