The Bachelor: 10 most awkward and dramatic seasons in franchise history

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Season 23: Colton Underwood

We all remember the infamous “fence jump” scene from Colton Underwood’s season. It’s kind of hard to forget it, isn’t it? Let’s be honest, we saw a teaser of this even before the season started, but producers kept the tease going until nearly the end of the season.

Long story short, Colton basically got frustrated after Cassie Randolph broke it off with him. He stormed off, pushed the camera away from him, and then jumped over a fence in an attempt to get privacy. Even Chris Harrison was involved in the “Colton Search Party”.

Dang, don’t we all wish someone would jump a fence for us?

Season 24: Peter Weber

Peter Weber’s entire season was very dramatic and very cringeworthy. Starting with when he hit his head on the golf cart and kept referring back to it, to when he sent Alayah Benavidez home, brought her back, and then sent her home again.

Let’s also not forget about the infamous moment that we came to know as “Champagne Gate”. Yikes. Peter also seemed to be only receptive to what his mom said. *Sigh* Oh Barb. And he definitely didn’t fight for Madison Prewett when Barb completely roasted their relationship. Or let me remind you about Victoria Fuller’s ex Chase Rice being the actual performer for Peter and her’s date.

Or let’s talk about how Peter broke it off with Hannah Ann Sluss and didn’t say anything to her about seeing Madison. But hey, at least he’s with a girl from his season now–Kelley Flanagan!

There were so many cringeworthy moments from the season that I can’t just pick one clip to show you. You’ll just have to watch the season. IF YOU DARE.

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Were there any seasons from The Bachelor franchise that I missed or any that you were shocked about?

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