The Bachelor: 10 most awkward and dramatic seasons in franchise history

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra)
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra) /
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Season 11: Brad Womack

Brad may not be the only Bachelor to walk away from the show unengaged, however, he is the only one who didn’t choose either woman at the finale. Neither one of the women got a rose when all was said and done.

Talk about a very dramatic ending to the season!

Season 18: Juan Pablo Galavis

The scene in Juan Pablo’s season when Clare Crawley tells him off and demands he stop talking has to be one of The Bachelor franchise’s most dramatic and iconic moments in history. Clare literally sticks it to the man with no obvious emotional reaction seen from Juan Pablo as he responds back with his signature blah response–“okay”.

As we now know, Clare is definitely an independent and vocal woman who will not let any man stomp all over her. She’ll need that fierceness especially as she prepares for her own upcoming season on The Bachelorette.

Season 19: Chris Soules

Ah yes, the most awkward 2-on-1 date, ever. This date took place between the Bachelor of the season, Chris Soules, Ashley Iaconetti, known as the “virgin” on the season, and Kelsey Poe, deemed the “villain” of that season. After breaking up with both women, Chris went off on a helicopter and left them both in the Badlands crying. An iconic scene for Ashley I., if you ask me. You know, the one where you can see her infamous “crying face”.

It’s worth mentioning how Kelsey called her story “amazing”, which, mind you, involved her fiance dying.

Oh, and let’s not forget, when Chris called out “Juelia” during a rose ceremony, and Jillian walked up for the rose instead. Everyone in the rose ceremony was confused, including Juelia, as Chris called out “Juelia” again, at which point Jillian realized what was happening. She stopped in her tracks and nearly slipped on the rug and fell. Talk about a double whammy! Luckily she played it off by laughing.