The Bachelor Season 13: A look back at Jason Mesnick

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Jason Mesnick pulls, well, a Mesnick

It’s unclear at which point Mesnick and Rycroft decided to call it quits, or if they were still together by the time the “After the Final Rose” special was filmed, but its during this special that things went down.

According to Mesnick’s contract, he was not able to reach out to anyone that participated on his season until the special was filmed. Considering his relationship with Rycroft was likely on the rocks because his heart belonged to another, I think he was itching for this restriction to pass. Again, why did the producers even bother with this whole production? They should have let the guy be with who he wanted to be with. I know it’s Bachelor Nation, but its a very eye-rolling moment.

Anyway, fast forward to the “AFTR” special, when once again, the producers had something devious in mind. Instead of doing the special live as they usually do, it was filmed two months in advance. And this was because Mesnick came clean to them about his feelings for Molly, and they wanted to do something dramatic to make it all come together.

Basically, Jason would dump Melissa (again), they would film him dumping her, and to make matters worse, he would do all of this without telling Melissa anything. The only way to milk the drama was to catch Melissa by surprise, so they did exactly that.

Not only did he “dump” her, but he revealed his heart was with Molly, and that’s who he wanted to be with–not Melissa. Given that all of this was filmed before the world saw it, the secret was a big one to hold on to, and in a world where Reality Steve exists, no Bachelor Nation secret stays secret for too long.

Reality Steve released the rumor surrounding The Bachelor Season 13 and depending on if you like spoilers or not, you either hated or loved Jason Mesnick. When the finale eventually aired, the world was finally privy to the secret, and by the end of it, Molly and Jason became a couple–and still are to this day!