The Bachelor Season 13: A look back at Jason Mesnick

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Jason Mesnick
Jason Mesnick (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Bachelor Season 13 gave us the balcony cry heard literally around the world.

Jason Mesnick had one heck of a time trying to sort through his feelings during The Bachelor Season 13. Fans of Bachelor Nation are well aware of the fact that the producers are infamously known for meddling in matters of the heart on this show, and it seems like that is a bit of what happened here.

After what must have been some major convincing, Mesnick initially proposed to Melissa Rycroft and sent Molly Malaney home. But this heartbreaking decision got the best of dear ‘ol Jason, and he couldn’t help but break down on the balcony of the hotel. And boy did he cry his heart out. Recalling that scene still gets me in the feels. So much pain, so much hurt.

It’s a moment that’s forever seared in our minds, and one I’m very certain the retrospective series will surely be covering during Mesnick’s season throwback. I mean they have to, right?

After wiping away his tears, Mesnick gathered his emotions and asked Rycroft to marry him. Of course, as we all know, this relationship wouldn’t last very long. I can’t help but wonder–didn’t the balcony cry give away just how much he didn’t want to propose to Rycroft?

Just saying.