The Bachelor Season 13: A look back at Jason Mesnick

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Raise your hand up high if you remember The Bachelor Season 13!

Ah, yes, The Bachelor Season 13. The one in which our lead’s last name, yes I’m talking about Jason Mesnick, went on to be used as a verb. “Oh, snaps, Arie Luyendyk just pulled a Mesnick!”. For those of you who don’t know what that means, don’t worry, I’ll be getting into all of that.

Mesnick was the lead of The Bachelor Season 13, and he had (quite literally) one of the most dramatic season finales of the franchise. I know that’s used very loosely around these parts, but his finale is one many of us won’t soon forget.

What’s so special about Mesnick’s season?

Well, first off, he was the first single parent to become a lead on the series. I think that’s pretty darn amazing, and quite honestly, more realistic than some of the other leads we have had over the years. Way to go, The Bachelor franchise, you did something wonderful here!

There isn’t anything ridiculously special about Mesnick’s season, per se. But as I’ve already mentioned it was his finale that threw all us for a loop. It was unexpected, hadn’t been done before, and made a verb out of our lead.

What was this “oh so crazy” finale and what was the infamous balcony cry scene? Let’s get right into it!