Dean Unglert tried to pursue THIS former Bachelorette


Dean Unglert was once interested in former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman.

Before Caelynn Miller-Keyes was the queen of his heart, Dean Unglert tried his chances with a former Bachelorette. I’m talking about Andi Dorfman, ladies and gentlemen. It seems like sliding into DMs is the way to go for single Bachelor Nation contestants and leads, isn’t it?

While on his podcast, Help! I Suck at Dating, Unglert revealed this spicy tidbit about his pursuits after fellow co-host Jared Haibon poked some fun at him. Anyone else wondering what Caelynn had to say after hearing this episode?

When exactly did Unglert slide into Andi’s DMs?

According to Dean Unglert, prior to going to Bachelor in Paradise for the second time, he might have slid into her DMs or asked Bachelor Nation alum, Amanda Stanton, to make the intro. Although he felt pretty confident that it was Stanton and not DMs that eventually led him to Dorfman.

The funny part of this conversation comes in when Unglert is asked whether or not he spoke to Nick Viall before attempting to pursue Andi. After all, Andi and Nick were exes. His response was that he “forgot to consider they had ever dated.”

I mean, I don’t blame the guy, everyone has dated everyone in Bachelor Nation. How the heck do you keep track?! Granted, Viall is a close friend of his, but I get it. At some point, you just assume everyone has been with everyone, and that everyone has developed a mutual understanding about dating each other’s exes.

"I just thought she was cute. I think Amanda Stanton posted a picture with her and I was like, ‘Oh that girl is cute,’ then I clicked on her page and was like, ‘Oh that girl used to be The Bachelorette.’ And that was basically the end of it."

The convo went on to include a game called, “Block, Marry, Netflix and Chill”, and Dean Unglert’s responses may have you wondering if Caelynn gave him a nice talking to once he got home. What did he decide to go with? Block Hannah Ann, Marry Andi Dorfman, and Netflix and Chill with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

It’s safe to say Unglert’s favorite is Andi through and through. As to why he wants to block Hannah Ann, we have no idea, but maybe we should explore that a little bit, Dean. There seem to be some unresolved issues there, and Bachelor Nation wants all the tea on that.

Dean Unglert may not have ended up with Andi, but he seems very happy with Caelynn, and in the days since their drama on Bachelor in Paradise, the couple seems to be living their happily ever after. And in a world where everyone dates everyone, what more could we ask for?

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We’re still wondering when Dean is going to pop the question, though.

Thoughts on Dean trying to pursue Andi? Let’s talk in the comments below.