The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever: First three seasons announced

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The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever
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The Bachelor Season 20: Ben Higgins

Monday, June 22nd, 8:00 p.m. EDT

Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor had quite the bizarre season premiere. While contestant’s from seasons’ past have returned before, Higgins had two women from the immediate preceding season show up at the Mansion – Amber James and Becca Tilley. To be honest, it was pretty awkward, but Higgins handled it like a champ – not only that, Tilley made it pretty far into the season.

With that said, it was blatantly obvious from Night One that Higgins had eyes for only one woman – Lauren Bushnell (now Lauren Lane). In a way, it was slightly boring to watch the season essentially go through the motions until Higgins could run off into the sunset with Bushnell – that is, until Higgins dropped the L-bomb with both of his final women.

Longtime fans will famously remember Higgins’ declaration of “I love yous” to both Lauren Bushnell and Jojo Fletcher in the final episodes; undoubtedly, this will be covered on The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever. Higgins, somewhat deservedly so, received quite the backlash for what fans felt was leading on the two women when we all knew he ultimately would end up picking one in the end, leaving the other to be inevitably blindsided.

That said, Higgins’ season also had some insanely entertaining moments that will be a joy to relive on The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever. Lace Morris, an absolutely iconic reality television contestant, gave Higgins trouble right off the bat for not making enough “eye contact” with her during the rose ceremony. Then there’s the most blatant product placement date of all time when Higgins and contestant, Amanda Stanton, went to McDonald’s for dinner and then…apparently switched channels to Undercover Boss as we watched Higgins and Stanton serve customers through the drive-thru window. Truly an oddity for the ages.

But the most iconic moment of this season undoubtedly goes to Higgins’ mom, who upon meeting one of the twin contestants – yes, there were a set of twins that made it questionably far into Higgins’ season – burst into literal tears. It was seriously one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen transpire on this franchise, one I absolutely demand to relive on The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever.

Well there you have it, Bachelor Nation – we’re in for a treat with these first three picks for The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever. If the promo is anything to go off of, ABC picked some of the most truly dramatic seasons ever for this upcoming summer series. It’s time to kick this thing off with a Whaboom!

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