The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever: First three seasons announced

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The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever
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The Bachelor Season 17: Sean Lowe

Monday, June 8th, 8:00 p.m. EDT

Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor is a perfect way to start off The Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever. Compared to most leads, Lowe was in the driver’s seat from day one. He started his season off with a bang, dismantling the premiere’s premise by handing out multiple roses before the first rose ceremony!

While he initially gave his first rose to Tierra LiCausi – fitting, as she famously declared “nobody will take [my] sparkle away” – Lowe decided he wanted to break the rules and give roses out to women he felt a natural connection with. It was pretty cool to see a lead make decisions with conviction right off the bat, eventually handing out 12 roses in the first cocktail party.

Lowe eventually waded his way through Tierra’s tears, broke a Guinness World Record on air, evaded a crazy ex-boyfriend who showed up at hometowns, and found his current wife and mother of their three children, Catherine Guidici. As the only Bachelor to marry his final pick to date, it only seems fitting to kick off this nostalgic series with a lead who actually meant it when he said “my wife is in this room.”