Listen to Your Heart: Are Matt and Rudi the new Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon?


The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart’s first season may be over, but we are still invested in some of these couples. Especially, one of the more popular and fan-favorite couples from the season–Rudi Gutierrez and Matt Ranaudo, aka #Mudi.

Listen to Your Heart has concluded its first season, and while Chris and Bri walked away as the season’s winners, Bachelor Nation is still pondering about the other couples. Of the final three, I am particularly interested in Rudi and Matt’s current status, as they walked away from the competition before the final performances.

So, now, the million-dollar question is, Bachelor Nation–could they go on to become the new Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon? You all remember their time on Bachelor In Paradise and what ultimately led to one of the most beautiful love stories to date?

Well, I have a few thoughts on why Matt and Rudi are reminiscent of them, and why, despite walking away in the finale, they may not be over just yet.

But let’s recap this season really quick to get a better grasp on their relationship. In its first season, Listen to Your Heart has been full of twists and turns, especially in terms of Matt and Rudi’s relationship and how it would play out. Early on, Matt and Rudi get in the hot tub, and very soon into this encounter, we see how Matt tries to kiss Rudi hoping for reciprocation, but Rudi turns away.

Fast forward a little, and they ended up falling off a tad, as they hit a minor roadblock. However, they ultimately realized that they have a connection both on and off the stage. Progressively, we see that the couple becomes stronger and stronger throughout the season. Ultimately, leading to Rudi catching all the feelings for the hottie-guitar player. Unfortunately, it led to feelings not being reciprocated, which led to a self-elimination in the season one finale.

Now that Listen to Your Heart has aired the season in completion, it seems there might be some updates on Mudi. The rumor mill is churning and it says that the two of them keep in touch every single day and will be releasing some music together as well. They had every chance to leave each other back where things left off but they aren’t. Anyone else intrigued by this?

It’s pretty clear that both individuals have such strong feelings for each other regardless of how things left off on the show. So, let’s not count them out just yet. Especially after Matt’s latest Instagram post:

Okay, so you might be wondering–what do Matt and Rudi have to do with Ashley and Jared’s relationship? Don’t worry, I got you.

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(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images) /

I compare this to Ashley and Jared’s beautiful relationship because The Haibons’ gave us the classic tale of “Boy meets girl, girl falls in love immediately, guy is unsure and borderline thinks the girl is a little “too much for him”, but ultimately, they never lose touch even after production, become best friends and eventually, all the feelings catch up and they live happily ever after”. Okay, maybe, it’s a stretch, but I am here for it!

We would love to see Matt and Rudi’s relationship continue to play out and end up like Ashley and Jared’s! Honestly, the way that this couple passionately performed the infamous song, “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, there’s no telling what the future holds for them.

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What do you think about Matt and Rudi as a couple and are you here for the second (potential) Listen to Your Heart love story? Tell us in the comments below!