The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart: What to expect in tonight’s finale


As this odd, random experiment that is The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart comes to a close, let’s take a look at what to expect in tonight’s season 1 finale.

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m thoroughly enjoying Listen to Your Heart. Granted, my expectations were buried deeper than Jed’s musical aspirations, which is a general life lesson takeaway, but I’ll happily say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what ABC managed to conjure up.

The drama has been *chefs kiss* and the singing is WAY better than expected. Four for you, Chris Harrison. Even if you hate-watched the series, we can all agree that we’re about to enter a loooong off-season drought and should enjoy the last two hours of new Bachelor programming we’ll get for a while.

In case you missed it, PEOPLE dropped a sneak peek of tonight’s finale of Listen to Your Heart that you should check out below:

It appears Listen to Your Heart ditched the AMAZING idea that was the RV clown circus of last week’s semi-finale and will finish up in a shocking locale…Nashville (is my passion), TN! While I blissfully ignore the mess that is Rudi and Matt perpetually in the above sneak peek, let’s break down ABC’s press release detailing what to expect in tonight’s finale.

"Three couples take their sky-high aspirations for love and musical celebrity to Nashville on the dramatic season finale of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.’ The offer of fantasy suite dates becomes crucial to the couples’ relationships."

In the least shocking twist (seriously, Ben Higgins was straight up trying to do fantasy suites in tents on stage of the Bachelor: Live on Stage tour), the couples on Listen to Your Heart will tussle with the dramatic franchise cornerstone that is fantasy suites. According to the press release, we’ll be seeing one couple react “devastatingly” to this news (how, I’m truly unsure), one couple accepts the offer (to forgo their individual rooms and use Chris Harrison’s key card), and one couple…reject the fantasy suites *gasp*.

With zero intel to go off of, my money is on Rudi/Matt freakout, Jamie/Trevor accept, and Chris/Bri decline. To be fair, it’s a safe bet to bank on Rudi and Matt for all things freakout these days on Listen to Your Heart.

In what will be the most devastating zap of my free time dedicated to these performance reviews, each couple will perform TWO songs in the Listen to Your Heart finale. Tonight’s judging panel has quite the star-studded roster; we’ll see Bachelor Nation fan-favorite couple Kaitlyn Bristowe (who may be the only Bachelor Nation member thus far with any credibility to judge singing voices!) and Jason Tartick, TAYE DIGGS, Rita Wilson and 2000s queen Jewel. If Jamie doesn’t sing “Intuition” (and listen to her own), I riot.

We don’t have the exact songs lined up quite yet, but we’ll see Listen to Your Heart finale performances featuring songs by the Righteous Brothers, Dan + Shay, Ed Sheeran, and Bob Dylan. Well, based on the above preview, it appears Bri and Chris will be tackling Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love,” and while it may have been eliminated Rubi’s favorite love song, I’d like to request a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” by Rudi and Matt. If they even make it to the stage, that is.

The most important takeaway? Tonight’s judging panel will be selecting the winner of Listen to Your Heart. That’s…special, though I’m not sure who else would be tasked with this extremely important duty. Who will walk away “with their hearts’ desire and dreams fulfilled?” Well, you’ll just have to tune in tonight and find out.

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Who is your money on to take away the esteemed prize that is a canceled tour on tonight’s finale of Listen to Your Heart? Any guesses on who will have the highly-anticipated fantasy suites meltdown? Tune in tonight to find out!