The Bachelor: 4 Bachelor Nation couples we can’t get enough of

JoJo Fletcher (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
JoJo Fletcher (ABC/Craig Sjodin) /

The Bachelor franchise has given us some of the most adorable and beloved couples–and here are our top four favorites!

The Bachelor franchise hasn’t always been taken seriously, to say the least. People don’t necessarily believe in the power the franchise often has, but there have definitely been some amazing love stories to come out of it.

Sure, reality television embellishes situations and creates some unnecessarily dramatic AF moments, but it’s not all bad, guys. In fact, The Bachelor franchise has given us couples like JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers and Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo. And they’re absolutely adorable, aren’t they?!

True love does end up being a product from the franchise, and it is most certainly a big aspect of all the Bachelor Nation shows. There are a handful of couples we can talk about, but we have dwindled it down to our top four favorite couples.

Check them out below–and be sure to share your favorites in the comments below!

JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

So why exactly is this couple one of our favorites? Is it because the second Jordan stepped out of the limo during the premiere of JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette the sparks were so strong between them? There was no doubt that he could be the one she chose–and she did! Maybe it’s because they continue to encourage each other in their careers as JoJo continues to build on her career in real estate, and Jordan with his job in American sports commentary.

Perhaps, it is because Jordan Rodgers re-proposed after his original proposal because he wanted to propose in his own way?

Whatever the reason is, we love this couple more than words can describe.

The Bachelor
Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo. (ABC/Paul Hebert) /

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo

We love this hot and fun interracial couple! Not only is their chemistry (both on-screen and off-screen) strong, but they complement each other very well. This fiesty Texan gal fell in love with the smooth Cuban chiropractor during her season on The Bachelorette.

Rachel is notorious for having the type of personality where she is not afraid to tell it like it is. But at the same time, she is such a genuine and sweet girls girl. During their beautiful and adorable wedding vows, here is what Rachel had to say that truly made us all emotional.

"I did a portion of the vows where I thanked him. I thanked him for allowing me to be myself and respecting me for who I am. That’s something I struggled with in past relationships but I’ve never had that issue with Bryan. He’s so comfortable in who he is and who I am, and in what we have together."

We’re not crying, you are!

The Bachelor
Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe (Photo by Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images) /

Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe

Oldie, but goldie! If any of you have seen Sean’s season, then you must remember that Catherine was the beautiful dark horse that came from left field to steal his heart. The two fell in love, and had a proposal, of what seems like is one of the most emotional and genuine Bachelor proposals thus far.

Side note–they have the cutest babies, and genuinely are loved by Bachelor Nation around. Sean Lowe is notorious for being the “most genuine bachelor” *cough cough* Even though, I believe that Ben Higgins takes that award but we can save that thought for another day…

Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter

This couple found love nearly sixteen years ago on the show, but they truly make so many of us happy with their unconditional love, marriage and sweet family! Trista and Ryan are grateful for the years they’ve been together, and they effort all the work they’ve put in.

"You just put your time and effort into your marriage, and into each other. You prioritize each other. You focus on trust and respect and love and friendship, and enjoying each other, enjoying what you love to do together in this life."

There is one moment Ryan doesn’t mind reliving, and that’s their wedding. *SWOON*

We just love LOVE.

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Who is your favorite Bachelor Nation couple?! Married or not–we would love to hear it in the comments below!