Are Joe Amabile and Kendall Long getting back together?

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Are we getting our first good news of 2020? Recent clues indicate exes Joe Amabile and Kendall Long may have reunited in Los Angeles.

Remember when our hearts were collectively shattered at the split of Bachelor in Paradise couple Joe Amabile and Kendall Long? The couple announced their split in January, citing their desire to live in their respective hometowns as the deciding factor and suffice it to say it came as an abrupt shock. However, recent activities point to a possible Jendall reunion – the proof is in the sushi, as they say.

Fans were quick to notice that the two exes posted eerily similar photos of takeout sushi on their Instagram stories this past Sunday – Amabile then made sure to quell any suspicions by immediately deleting his post. Because that always takes the heat off of a situation. Not only were they in quick succession of one another, but the sushi takeout boxes look pretty identical – I don’t know how you all take your sushi, but mine typically doesn’t come inside a perforated quadrant cardboard box.

All speculation was then essentially confirmed by their subsequent Venmo transactions – Venmo is truly the new Facebook Official these days. That same day, Amabile paid Long for an aptly titled “sushi” bill. It doesn’t help that Dancing With the Stars pro Sasha Farber, who frequently hung out with the couple after Joe’s stint on the show, commented on the transaction, “Which sushi place?” Either they’re trolling us, or they’re trolling us.

Before the abrupt split, fans were speculating over a potential engagement, and the breakup came as a massive shock – not only to fans but to Long as well. “I thought Joe and I were going to literally be married,” Long admitted on her Down to Date podcast, adding that she didn’t see it coming.

The reason for their breakup was extremely valid; Amabile wanted to be close to his family in Chicago, while Long expressed the desire to stay put near her family in Los Angeles. With that said, I’ve been blissfully denying the existence of their split and have refused to believe we can’t get the kids back together. While one can’t magically erase the in-between states from California to Illinois, it’s not as if Bachelor Nation members are strangers to travel. They can avoid the influencer Coachella invasion of LA in the summer, and escape the ABSURDLY cold Chicago winters. I’m failing to see how this is not a win-win.

Quarantine has certainly spit out some interesting pairings thus far, but this is one I would absolutely love to see. Clearly, Amabile is in Los Angeles with the above evidence, and who knows how long he’s been there. Any Grocery Store Joe stans out there who can cite his last Chicago spotting? Seeing as he likely can’t leave, hoping their forced reunion results in one that extends past quarantine. If nothing else, thank you, Kendall and Joe, for reminding me what hope feels like again.

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Did you guys notice the suspicious sushi date this weekend? Think Joe Amabile and Kendall Long have found love in the time of quarantine? Let us know your thoughts!