Listen to your Heart season 1, episode 4: Two couples call it quits


The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart season 1 kicks off week 4 as couples were switched around. Which couples stayed together, and who decided to switch it up? Let’s discuss.

Listen to Your Heart season 1 got interesting this week as the couples were mixed up for week 4. After some new dates, all the original pairs coupled back up except Julia and Brandon. They spent time at the Roxy, where they wrote and performed a song together. Julia and Brandon knew they had sparks, and they were missing important elements in their previous relationships. Savannah and Sheridan left the house heartbroken.

Natascha put doubts in Julia’s mind right before their performances. She told Julia that Brandon would have kept Savannah around instead of Julia. The vibe in the house was that Brandon couldn’t focus on one woman at a time. Julia confronted Brandon about the situation, but she wasn’t comforted and still had concerns before stepping on the stage.

Listen to Your Heart season 1 brought in a new panel of judges for week 4: Andy Grammar, Toni Braxton, and Bachelor Nation alums Rachel Lindsay and Bryan. The first performers were Rudi and Matt. The crowd and judges were delighted with their performance of “Tennessee Whiskey”. Jamie and Trevor were next, and Jamie was just as nervous as she was during their first performance. The judges could tell she was nervous, but they seemed to like the end portion of their song.

Chris and Bri gave a stunning performance of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” while Jamie cried backstage. Braxton loved Chris and Bri’s performance. The connection was clear, and they even said they loved each other for the first time while on stage.

Julia and Brandon performed after and it didn’t go as well as Chris and Bri’s heartwarming exchange. Lindsay said it felt more like a karaoke performance. All the judges didn’t seem impressed.

Ryan and Natascha were the final performers of the night and brought the crowd back to their feet. Braxton said the entire audience was engaged in their song. Grammar and Lindsay had nothing but positive remarks too.

Julia blamed her poor performance on Natascha’s comments about Brandon wanting to be with Savannah. The rose ceremony was after their quarrel, and Julia and Brandon didn’t receive roses. Julia immediately said she was looking more for someone like Sheridan.

Seriously, Julia. Seriously?!

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Next week on Listen to your Heart season 1, the couples are touring. Who do you think will have the best performance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!