What will the the next season of The Bachelorette look like?

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Relationship longevity

One of the main concerns of any Bachelorette couple at the end of the season is, what is this person like in the real world? Sure, they’ve traveled the world and had once in a lifetime dates together, but real life is not “once in a lifetime.” Real-life is spending most days in the same place, even for Bachelor stars.  Now, obviously “real life” can’t be fully replicated by staying at a five-star resort and being filmed constantly, but hopefully, this season will be closer to it.

As Peter Kraus recently revealed in an Almost Famous interview, while in talks to become the Bachelor he asked producers for more one on one time with the girls, along with the opportunity to see them around the house more often instead of all made up for fancy dates. He wanted to know who these girls actually were, to see if a relationship could work outside the show.  It certainly seems like this new approach to a season would lead to greater relationship success, and would be easier to produce without the temptation of constant travel and exotic locales.

With all this in mind, I for one am wholeheartedly looking forward to the possibility of a season filmed all in one place. It’s been dozens of seasons of one formula, time to try something different! Sure, we’ll lose some amazing producer-fed lines about how each locale is “the perfect place to fall in love,” but hopefully we’ll gain a season that is more down to earth than any before.

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