What will the the next season of The Bachelorette look like?

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(ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua): CLARE CRAWLEY
(ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua): CLARE CRAWLEY /

A little more conversation

Several weeks into quarantine, many have discussed a possible silver lining of being locked up with a significant other—the opportunity to get to know each other better. Who knows, the quarantine may have even been a factor in accelerating Peter and Kelly’s relationship! If the Bachelorette cast is locked in a resort for five weeks, I’m hoping we’ll get to see a good deal more conversation between the contestants in lieu of sojourns into foreign lands, hopefully making the connections more believable and relatable.

Not every personality type is comfortable opening up in an unfamiliar place. Some say people get to know each other best when traveling, but this doesn’t work for everyone. I’m sure we all remember Arie and Lauren strolling around the crowded Paris streets while Lauren responded to everything with “Wow.” And who can blame her? How are you supposed to focus on getting to know one stranger while surrounded by other strangers?

If I were a contestant, staying in one place and forming something of a comfort zone throughout the season might enable me to actually be myself, albeit with several cameras filming my every move.