Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke are holding off on sex until marriage

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Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke are holding off on sex–at least until marriage.

Ben Higgins recently got engaged to girlfriend Jessica Clarke–just when you thought you couldn’t find a cuter couple. Seriously, they are all sorts of adorable and gave all of us in quarantine something to celebrate during these difficult times.

Of course, given recent circumstances, Higgins had to alter the proposal plans a little bit, but managed to make it work, keeping it romantic and while practicing social distancing. What a guy, am I right?!

In recent Bachelor Nation news, we’ve been bombarded with a whole of nonsense regarding Peter Weber and his exes. For some reason, his season continues to haunt us, and I think we’ve collectively all had enough of it.

Which is why, it was a welcome change to hear from Ben Higgins while he was on Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files“. They spoke on all sorts of matters, but one, in particular, caught everyone’s interest.

I think the topic of abstinence and virginity became a much bigger deal in Bachelor Nation after Colton Underwood’s season where it was literally the only thing anyone talked about. Well, as it turns out, Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke are practicing abstinence until marriage. Yup, that’s right.

"Right now, she has a bedroom upstairs at her parents’ house. I’m in the downstairs. It’s like a respect level…and also just like how—what the logistics of it is."

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes and scoffing at this, but personally, I adore it. Every couple is different and has their own unique goals in their partnership. No one is in a place to judge anyone, and I think Higgins and Clarke’s decision to do this is their own to make.

Now, we all know Nick Viall is never afraid to ask the questions we all want answers to, so naturally, this conversation took a turn the more he pushed. Putting it bluntly, Viall just straight up asked Higgins if he and Clarke are saving sex until marriage. This question came after Viall asked Higgins if he’s had sex in the past week and a half because of their *ahem* interesting sleeping situation.

"Definitely not this week, and not in the last, like, year and a half."

Ben Higgins then went on to say they are saving sex for marriage, and it’s not really been that difficult. They’ve spent a majority of their relationship apart, so sleeping together or in the same place isn’t something they’ve done much of anyway. Doesn’t this make you love them even more? The fact they seem so put together and functional?

While the couple didn’t initially anticipate a long engagement, it seems like this will very much be the case given the lockdown.

"I have a feeling it’s gonna be a longer engagement and here’s why. We don’t know what this virus is going to affect. It could be here another two months, two and a half months, at that point, weddings are going to be pushed back, venues are going to be booked, and I don’t want to add stress to a really fun and joyful time knowing that this is the real deal."

Oh, stop it, Ben Higgins, just stop it. You’re too freaking adorable.

But apart from this being the biggest reason, Clarke’s brother is a professional baseball player, so they have to keep his schedule in mind too.

"The second is, as I’ve mentioned before, her brother plays professional baseball. So there’s a very short season of, like, freedom that he isn’t playing that we can get married. So it’s kind of managing and navigating — well when does his season start up?"

Considering the MLB season has been suspended with no return date in mind, a lot of things are up in the air.

Honestly, I can see these two just eloping with their families, which is something they have given thought to. But the sweet and caring Ben Higgins wants to make sure whatever Clarke wants for their special day, she gets.

"That could be fun and exciting and a lot less stress, but at the end of all of this, this is Jess’ day."

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