The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart: Season 1, episode 2 performance grades

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Savannah, “Fever” – Peggy Lee

Vocal Performance: B+

Okay, a lot of things to unpack here, starting with my childhood flashbacks of singing this song to no avail in voice lessons until vocal nodules came to my rescue, effectively ending my “singing” career. Savannah ultimately didn’t do…much with this song, and it felt a bit campy of no fault to the two of them. I also appreciate a good low tone voice, and for that, I thank her. She harmonized with Brandon well, and while again, range gate continues to not showcase voices appropriately, she didn’t offend me with her performance.

Interpretive Routine: A+

Did someone actually move their body in a performance?? Savannah, understanding the entertainment component of watching slightly mediocre singers stand at a microphone for two hours, gave me actual moves. She took full advantage of the extremities we call arms and kept them moving to the rhythm throughout. I would appreciate the remainder of the cast taking notes.

~Romance~ Level: A

One might have watched last night’s episode of Listen to Your Heart and thought Savannah didn’t do enough to keep Brandon’s attention from his gaggle of suitors – I’d argue the opposite. Savannah understands the benefit of keeping your cool and being confident in your relationship. To be fair, this could all go up in flames with Julia’s messy, interfering self next week. But her quiet confidence is what got her a rose this week, and I appreciated her non-need to scramble and effectively suffocate Brandon.

Overall Grade: A

Listen to Your Heart
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Brandon, “Fever” – Peggy Lee

Vocal Performance: A

Okay, I take back my previous sentiments, Brandon, too, can actually sing. For lack of a better term, he has a really “cool” voice. His sound also seemed to fit this song strangely well – he sounds like an old soul. It reminded me a lot of singers in the 1950s who would add that “bop”-like raise in their voice at the end of notes (my choir experience is real and it shows, guys). Like Sheridan, Brandon has an appealing bluesy sound to him, but more bluesy and minus the folk. Maybe this explains the apparent ~fever~ that is Brandon-fever afflicting more than 50% of the house.

Interpretive Routine: A

Savannah edged him out in their duet with her moves, but he was still moderately interesting to watch in comparison to the rest of this motley crew. He was slightly snapping his fingers, albeit subtly, and at minimum, Brandon swayed. If swayed was on your “take a drink” list for this article, I’m sorry for the alcohol poisoning in advance. He also was very attentive to Savannah in his singing, holding an uncomfortable (maybe this is all just me) level of consistent eye-contact.

~Romance~ Level: B

Honestly, for juggling three somewhat aggressive suitors, I was expecting a lot worse to transpire. Again, it’s literally been two to three days (despite the multiple dubs of it being two *weeks* that were 100% edited in) – Brandon is actually the normal one here. However, he needs to cut the crap by next week tops or this category grade will plummet. He didn’t necessarily build up or falsely reassure Savannah, while still noting that she was at the top of his list. But he probably didn’t need to kiss Mel, though that was not at all initiated by him, nor allow the antics with Julia to ensue. Again, he didn’t initiate either kiss, but he also didn’t stop or protest their advances. And if the villain music is to be telling, he better figure it out between Savannah and Julia next week or Trevor’s messy self will have some competition.

Overall Grade: A-

Well, that was exhausting in comparison to the three measly performances we had last week on Listen to Your Heart. I get that this is literally a singing show, but I’m asking for overtime if we top 8 performances next episode. Let’s see if next Monday’s The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart has a better sense of harmony in the musical genres of choice.

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Think Trevor only told Jamie because he got caught red-handed? Are Julia and Sheridan the best singers, or do you have another favorite pick? Should Brandon and Julia, kindly, chill out? Let us know your thoughts about this week’s Listen to Your Heart!