The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart season 1, episode 2 power rankings


Last night’s episode of Listen to Your Heart had plenty of love triangles, tears, and kissing to keep Bachelor Nation glued to their TV screens. It’s really the content we need. But who hit the top of our power rankings this week?

Listen to Your Heart’s latest contestant comes in hot in every sense of the word and was one of the house’s newbies, Natascha. She arrived and immediately made a splash by outing Jamie’s boy crush, Trevor, and his shady, cheating ways. She was at the mansion for a total of maybe ten minutes before revealing how much of a scumbag he is and informed the group that she planned to confront him as soon as possible. And so she did! It was not awkward at all.

Alas, young sobbing Jamie did not take the advice of her unwanted older sister and accepted Trevor’s excuses and the pair remained strong. Unfortunately the same can not be said of their boardwalk duet that made me question if either of them can actually sing. But back to Natascha!

Natascha already proved she was not one to mess with and pulled out all the stops in a great white dress for the cocktail party. She swept former hot commodity Ryan and his nerdy ways off his feet and received a make-out and a rose for her efforts. Jamie and Trevor were NOT thrilled about this turn of events which you love to see.

Taking second place in the Listen to Your Heart power rankings this week is Blue-Eyed Brandon who needs some chapstick after all the action his lips saw last night. For some reason EVERYONE loves Brandon and three ladies fought hard for his affections. And two succeeded. Kinda.

Make-out number one: Savannah took homeboy on a date where the pair performed “Fever” and surprisingly had tons of chemistry. I approve of this pair TBH. Lots of kissing ensued and she received his rose at the rose ceremony. Even though he had wandering eyes throughout the cocktail party…

Make-out number two: Mel cried her eyes out about her strong feelings for Brandon and how upset she was about the Savannah date, but then attacked him at the cocktail party and received some lip-lock. (Does Brandon even like her?? They’ve had, what, two conversations? I don’t know how she has fallen so hard). It wasn’t enough and Mel floated her way home on the river of her tears.

Make-out number three: Julia didn’t take the Savannah/Brandon date well either despite her cute date with Sheridan, and came after Brandon at the cocktail party revealing her confusion/interest in him. The pair passionately kissed, but Brandon still picked Savannah for his rose. Luckily, Sheridan saved her because he is a smitten kitten who is 1000% getting heart-broken probably in the next episode of Listen to Your Heart.

So with two ladies still singing for his heart, Brandon has lots of control over where this musical love journey will go next.

Rounding out the top three is wildcard Rudi who is all over the freaking place. She has Matt under her thumb once again despite slapping him last week and remains for another week after the pair made up. Somehow. Oh, and after she sucked face with Ryan just to see if there were any feelings there. (There weren’t and she said it was TERRIBLE. Rudi, honey, what are you doing?)

Personally, I like the mess that Rudi brings to this group and I think from what we have seen, she maybe has the best voice of anyone. Perhaps we could reel it in a tiny bit, Rudi, so you can make it the whole time and I can hear you sing more? Thanks in advance.

Will Trevor and Jamie stay together? Will Natascha stay true to her promise of loving nerdy guys? And will Brandon make a real decision on his conundrum?

The Bachelor: Listen to your Heart season 1, episode 2 recap: Strong relationships are forming. dark. Next

Chris Harrison promised us that things would change completely next week on Listen to Your Heart so tune in and see all of the drama unfold!