The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart: An Ode to Sheridan


We’re one week into Listen To Your Heart, and though there are many suitable crooners on this show, none compare to Sheridan from Austin, TX.

Listen to Your Heart’s Sheridan is the Bachelor Nation contestant I’ve been waiting for.  In fitting with the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan from his hometown, Sheridan marches to the beat of his own drum (or guitar).

Somehow, he still manages to be the most charming and relatable contestant on the show.

These are my top five reasons why my heart is telling me to listen to Sheridan. Is your heart telling you to do the same?

Sheila the Subaru

Sheridan, a la Dean Unglert, lives out of his car, Sheila the Subaru, while embarking on tours all over the country that he pays for himself. I admit I have a bias towards people who name their cars (my car is Abraham the Lincoln) but really, who doesn’t? Given how charmed America was by Dean’s “Vantasy Suite,” I can only imagine the fame that’s in store for Sheila.

He’s got his own style.

One of the great things about Listen to Your Heart is that we can depart from the typical Ken doll mold to which the Bachelor franchise devotes itself, and no contestant defies this more than Sheridan. He has a whole space in his car for hats alone (have we ever seen a Bachelorette contestant wearing any hat other than a backwards baseball cap?). He’s also not afraid to rock the Jesus look (the only other contestant I can think of with hair so magical was Leo) and always delivers with a bold print and a smile!

He’s humble.

Several times throughout the premiere, Sheridan referenced how intimidating he found the good looks of the other men, stating that they were all 10s, and specifically commenting on how good looking Josh, his competition for Julia, is. It is not easy for attractive people to admit that other people are attractive, especially their competition. It’s even more impressive when they can admit it without sounding insecure. We have a Humble King on our hands.

He’s a willing recapper.

There’s always one contestant each season who’s not afraid to be the recapper for the audience during his ITM interviews, and Sheridan came through with commentary on the craziness inside the mansion multiple times during the premiere without ever sounding rehearsed. It’s nice to have the perspective of a man on the inside!

He doesn’t overstate his emotions.

I’m sure we all remember when Lincoln elevated describing his feelings to an art form after a kiss with Becca Kufrin. No kiss is that good, Lincoln! Sheridan, being the relatable contestant he is, simply said he and Julia had good chemistry after their kiss, making whatever feelings he does develop that much more believable.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that he embraces the palm mute and can write a legitimately good song in a day, I hope Sheridan stays on our screens as long as possible before he rides off into the sunset with Sheila!

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