Wells Adams will join Worst Cooks in America Celebrity Edition

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Wells Adams is trading in his bartending skills to work on his cooking skills.

Wells Adams is Bachelor in Paradise’s resident bartender. He’s the one contestants confide in when things on the beach are going horribly, and he likely knows more than anyone what is going to happen next between couples.

While we have no idea if Paradise is actually happening this year and if Wells Adams will get to revive his bartending skills, there is one thing we do know he will be in. Just this week, Food Network announced that the next season of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition is all to return.

And guess who will be joining seven other celebrities to brush up on their mediocre cooking skills? Yup, you guessed it–Wells Adams! If you haven’t seen the series, it’s like a cooking boot camp where the contestants have to undergo a series of challenges that will hopefully make them better cooks.

It’s a fun premise if you’re asking me. More of than not, celebrities have other people to cook food for them, or they just get takeout given their crazy schedules. How many of them can actually cook? Well, apparently enough of them cannot hence why a show like this even exists. Gotta love it!

The season will consist of six episodes taking the contestants through all sorts of fun challenges including “day-at-the-races competition, nautical-themed ceviche challenge, fan-favorite game “Remote Control Chef“.” With Wells Adams being the goofball he is, I can only imagine how silly he is going to get on this.

I guess if he is truly such a horrible cook, he can try to wow the judges with amazing bartending skills. That counts–right?

Along with Wells, six other contestants will be taking part in the competition (winner takes home $25,000 for their charity)–Johnny Bananas, Dave Coulier, Bridget Everett, Robin Givens, Sonja Morgan and Brian Posehn. Dave Coulier?! Cut. it. out.

Don’t miss the return of Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition (hosted/mentored by Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell) on Sunday, May 10th at 9 PM EST on the Food Network. I think it’s going to be absolutely hilarious to watch Adams in this–and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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