The Bachelor: Sean Lowe does not want his season on Netflix

Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe (Photo by Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images)
Catherine Lowe and Sean Lowe (Photo by Steve Zak Photography/Getty Images) /

Bachelor alum Sean Lowe is not too enthusiastic about having his season on Netflix.

The Bachelor along with the rest of the Bachelor Nation shows will likely soon be available on Netflix, due to the current social distancing environment. Of course, we probably won’t get every season which makes us wonder–which ones will we get? Host Chris Harrison, ABC exec Robert Mills, and creator Mike Fleiss have all been active on Twitter as they asked fans what seasons they’d like to watch all over again.

I think we all have a favorite we’d love to watch all over again. Personally, I’d rewatch Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor or Trista Sutter’s season of The Bachelorette! Luckily, we have so many options to choose from.

However, while we might be eager to rewatch a season, it doesn’t mean the leading ladies, men, and contestants are willing to rewatch their journey. Considering many are not with the winners of their season, I imagine it would feel rather awkward to watch all those cringeworthy moments again.

Well, Bachelor alum Sean Lowe is amongst those that are not too eager to have their season up on Netflix. He even said as much as Harrison, Mills, and Fleiss were discussing which seasons should go up.

Mills decided to troll Lowe once he had a response to Harrison’s tweet.

In case you just joined the world of Bachelor Nation, Sean Lowe was the leading man back in 2013 and proposed to Catherine Giudici, who he’s still married to and has three children with. They are definitely amongst the few successful couples of this franchise–and we love it!

But while Lowe is on the fence about having to see his season available for all to see once again, other alums are more than okay with. In fact, they’re taking it all in good nature.

Case in point? Molly Mesnick, who is married to a former Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, is ready for everyone else to live the hilarious horror she and Jason have been since their season went up on Netflix.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at what was, right?

Honestly, I’m so excited that past seasons are going to be available at some point for us to watch. Do I hear Ben Higgins, anyone? I know the man is engaged now, but it sure would be funny to have a throwback!

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