Bachelor in Paradise: Blake Horstmann opens up about his jarring experience

Bachelor in Paradise alum Blake Horstmann has something to say about the producers.

Bachelor in Paradise was incredibly difficult for Blake Horstmann, as we all witnessed. Between the Caelynn drama, the Hannah G. drama, and everything in between, it was a hot mess. He came out of the series with fans against him and for him, and I have to admit, I did feel bad for him.

But there’s a lot more to the story behind Blake Horstmann so many may not feel sympathy for him especially after his actions following the show (we all remember those texts, don’t we?). In any case, Bachelor in Paradise was not paradise for Horstmann, and just this week, he took to Instagram during a Q&A to address some issues he had while on the show.

Side note: A lot of celebrities are using social media to hold live sessions with their fans. We’re all stuck at home so they’re reaching out to pass everyone’s time–which I totally love. But anyway, Horstmann did just that by answering fan questions that were posed to him.

One of the biggest questions of the session was why he didn’t take Hannah G. on the first one-on-one date and took Tayshia instead. As it turns out, he reveals that the producers got too involved. He was definitely planning on taking Hannah until they intervened. This was Horstmann’s response (and a definitely a stab at the Bachelor in Paradise producers).

Okay so this is gonna be a long one…but f*** it I’m off contract…When I received the date card I 100% planned to take Hannah. I even left my interview saying I was gonna take Hannah. When I walked out of the interview 3 producers sat me down for close to an hr and convinced me to take Tayshia. It was 100% my decision they didn’t force me or anything, but at that point, I really truly did trust the producers and that they had my best interest.

Obviously I was very wrong and they didn’t want me to be happy with Hannah bc that would have very much ruined there [sic] plans for the season…


Given his horrendous experience on the series, another fan asked him if he would ever return to Bachelor in Paradise. I’m going to go with a resounding no, whether or not he thinks he should. I think he ought to stay away because that show did not make him look good in any shape or form.

He responded that he would definitely not do it this year and that he still has “pretty bad PTSD” from last year’s experience. It would appear that his time in paradise really affected him mentally, and it’s something he may still be recovering from.

It’s hard for me to trust anybody now let alone producers and anyone in from of cameras…people change dramatically in front of cameras…

Can we blame the guy? Or any contestant that feels this way? These shows are tough to get through and I can’t imagine what it’s like if producers are constantly trying to meddle and push you in a different direction than what you want to go in.

Do you think the producers should stop trying to meddle as much as they do? Share your comments below!