The Bachelor: Can Hannah Ann and Madison be friends?

The Bachelor is now behind them, but can Hannah Ann and Madison find a way to be friends?

The Bachelor has come to an end for Hannah Ann and Madison, but is it possible for the two women to find friendship in one another? Um, heck yes! In fact, I totally stan this friendship! It’s been rough for these gals, and who can understand their situation better than each other?

Funny enough, Madi took to Instagram earlier this week and posted a picture of herself to which Hannah commented “Cutie”. Naturally, the Twitterverse, Bachelor Nation, and everyone in between has been freaking out over the comment.

And I don’t blame them. After Peter Weber’s hot mess of a finale, neither of these women ended up with him. Let’s just say he failed at being the Bachelor, and even with the mess he created, he isn’t going to get in the way of these two becoming friends.

Okay, I know, a comment on Instagram doesn’t mean that Madi and Hannah are BFFs, but it’s still something to take note of. The entire world, or at least Bachelor Nation fans, have had their eyes on Weber, Prewett, and Sluss since the finale, so commenting on Madi’s Insta post is a big deal.

Hannah Ann knew everyone would see it and freak out, so maybe this is their way of letting the world know that all is well between them. Girl power!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being the case as many Bachelor Nation alums end up finding and having successful friendships over the relationships. If we were to compare the number of friendships over relationships, I think we’d see that the friendships last way longer.

We all remember Colton Underwood’s season, right? Those girls are attached at the hip, and it’s adorable.

It’s unclear if Hannah Ann’s comment was just a one-off olive branch sort of situation or if the two are actually going to be friends. But in any case, I’m loving the camaraderie this shows to the rest of the world. Just because things got so bad with Peter doesn’t mean that the two women have to hate each other.

Here’s to hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

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